MAC Angel Lipstick A19 Review

MAC Angel Lipstick A19 Review

MAC Angel lipstick A19 Review

A big hello to all my beautiful readers.. how have you been doing? It has been raining out here in Delhi, not that I am complaining in fact I am quite enjoying the weather. Having a good time. Today, I am going to review one of the products that me and my mom share as the shade looks good on young as well as aged ladies. It is a little on darker side but if you know how to carry it well, you can rock it!! Read on the full review and get to know about the various aspects of this product.

MAC Angel Lipstick A19
MAC Angel Lipstick A19

Product description

The product does not make any tall claims. The packaging mentions nothing in particular apart from the shade number.

Directions for usage:

Apply two coats on moisturized lips. Apply the lipstick directly through the bullet or using a lipstick brush.


It costs$13 to $36 or so on most sites. Prices vary a lot. I was gifted this one so, not really sure about the price in India.

Shelf life

2 Years


This  lipstick comes in twist up format with a cap that closes tightly. Basically, a no fuss product and pretty travel friendly, too.

MAC Angel Lipstick A19
MAC Angel Lipstick A19


Lipstick is creamy in texture and glides on lips smoothly.

Key Ingredients

Sadly, the ingredients are Not mentioned on the packaging.

Pros of  MAC Angel lipstick A19

  • This is a wine shade that looks good on most Indian skin tones.
  • moisturizes lips.
  • Travel friendly.
  • leak proof.
  • covers pigmented lips nicely due to dark colour.
  • you can use both products either separately or couple them up.

Cons of MAC Angel lipstick A19

  • Very average Staying power, say, 2.5 to 3 hours at the maximum transfers to cups and spoons so will not survive a meal.

    MAC Angel Lipstick A19
    MAC Angel Lipstick A19

My experience with MAC Angel lipstick A19

This MAC Angel lipstick comes in shade A19 black coloured, in a chubby, twist up format packaging. This is a very basic pack, nothing fancy about it, as such. It is not an absolute must to apply a lip balm underneath the lip as this lip stick as it is moisturizes your lips without being sticky or bothersome. It is light weight and would not make you uncomfortable. The smell is faint and like regular lipsticks, it is a typical cosmetic smell but it should not irritate your nose.

The colour is almost like Red wine, something in between a Maroon and a Purple. The lipstick has good shine and it sets with a somewhat dewy to semi matte finish on your lips. You will be able to appreciate this from the swatches. Pigmentation is quite good and so is the colour pay off. Since, the colour is on a darker side, it is able to cover up pigmented lips well and gives an opaque coverage. There is a fear of staining your clothes so, you have to be cautious while wearing this lip shade.

The staying power is quite average say around 2.5 To 3hours. If you couple up the lipstick and a gloss in similar shade, the staying power can be improved. Do not expect the lipstick to last through a meal.

Overall, it is a nice product but not totally worth it’s price due to compromised lasting power.

MAC Angel Lipstick A19
MAC Angel Lipstick A19



MAC Angel Lipstick A19
MAC Angel Lipstick A19

Whether I would recommend this product again?

The only issues I have with this lipstick is that it’s lasting power could have been better. Apart from this, the colour, texture and pigmentation are all good. So, I can recommend this product to you, if you do not mind going for touch ups every 3 hours or so.