Mac Dream Mousse Shadow Reviews

Mac Dream Mousse Shadow Reviews

Mac Dream Mousse Shadow Reviews

Hii friends!!

How are you all?? I am back with a new review for you all. You know why we write review? It’s just for the product awareness. It is for you ladies, who will get 100% information about the cosmetic products you use and the products, you want to buy for yourself. You get all the pros and cons about the products and then you can decide what to buy. You can decide what products will suit you and which products will not suit you.

I am going to write a review about the dream mousse shadow by Mac and it is really like a dream come true for us, as it is actually a great mousse kind of shadow that is applied beautifully on your eye lids. So let’s get on with the description about this product and here we go…..

Mac Dream Mouse Shadow
Mac Dream Mousse Shadow

Product Description

This product is a mousse kind of eyeshadow, which is applied easily on your eyelids and it makes your eyes look startling, as it has a beautiful finesse and it gives a gorgeous look and feature to your face. The mousse shadow comes in a small screw cap jar, which is of glass and the cap is of a good quality plastic. The jar is small but heavy and it is handy too, at the back of the mousse shadow, there are net weight and the products name given and the cap has its brand name boldly printed.

Directions of Use

Open the cap, take a small amount of mousse on your finger and apply it on your eye lids properly, as much required. It has a good and easy appliance and spreads efficiently. You can use a shadow brush too, if you want, though I love using my finger for applying it.

Shelf Life

There is no shelf life mentioned, though the shadows are used mostly for 2 years from manufacturing date.

Mac Dream Mouse Shadow
Mac Dream Mousse Shadow


Well, I don’t remember the price actually, as it is not printed and I have bought this long ago.

Skin Type

For all skin types.


The packaging of the mousse shadow is very sober and it comes in a glass jar that is small and the product inside it is of 8g. The mousse is like a creamy bar that can be applied easily on your eye lids. The jar has a beautiful designed plastic cap and it is a screw cap that retains the freshness and mousse inside the jar. This is a product of Toronto and it is available in the markets and mall and as well as online too.


The texture of the mousse eye shadow is creamy smooth and it is easily applicable.

Mac Dream Mouse Shadow
Mac Dream Mousse Shadow

Key Ingredients

There are no ingredients mentioned on the jar of the mousse shadow, and that is why I couldn’t provide you all with the information.

Pros of Mac Dream Mousse Shadow

  • The shadow is in mousse form.
  • It is very smooth.
  • It is easily applicable.
  • The mousse comes in variant colours.
  • The jar is small and it’s handy.
  • It has a screw cap jar.
  • The mouth of the jar is wide and it can be easily used.
  • Its glittery shades.

Cons of Mac Dream Mousse Shadow

  • It is a mousse but dries up easily if not closed properly.
  • It has a bit lighter shades.
Mac Dream Mouse Shadow
Mac Dream Mousse Shadow

My Experience with Mac Dream Mousse Shadow

Talking about my experience, I would like you all to know that when I bought this shadow it was very creamy mousse and because I didn’t close the cap properly, it got dried up a bit. But still when I use it, it gives me a good shadow look and I can apply it. So, it is very important for you all, to close the cap properly after each use.


I will give 3 out of 5.

Recommendation about the product:

I can recommend this product to the ladies who really like making up their eyes, as for the women, who does make up in a hurry and leaves the cosmetics open, this will be a bad choice for them. But one thing I can say, the mousse shadow is good and it gives a gorgeous look when applied.