mac eyeshadow reviews

mac eyeshadow reviews

How to Have a Beautiful Eye Make Up?

Mac Eyeshadow Reviews  – Your Makeup Solution

Hi there beautiful ladies!

I am sure you don’t need anything to add to you spark! However, you simply cannot resist the temptation of being more attractive and charming. Well, that’s what ladies fashion is all about. But hang on! What exactly are you looking for? Do you wish to add that rosy effect on your cheeks or make your eyes look more appealing and sexy! Whatever you desire, you need have a good makeup kit at your disposal. When I say “good”, I mean quality. You cannot afford to tamper with your skin by using any brand! With all due respect, some of the brands have a bad reputation of leaving side effects on the skin. I am sure; you won’t want that to happen. So, what options to you have? Well, there are quite a few. But, you need to choose the best among them. Any guess which brand I am talking about? No prize for guessing, it’s MAC.



MAC is one of the world’s leading brands when it comes to makeup. The makeup collection kit of MAC comes with velvet like smooth and stay true colors.  This makeup kit consist colors of different shades and textures. The colors could be used to give different kind of looks, suited for different occasions. If you are attending your company conference you put on a professional look or a highly glamorous look if you are planning for a party.

These colors are prepared under the supervision of experts and every possibility of skin contamination is being eliminated. MAC has made a name for itself by providing quality products over so many years.


A typical MAC makeup kit includes:-

a)      Eye shadows of 14 different colors

b)     One eye pencil 



The following features help MAC stand out in the makeup industry

a)      Well synchronized and trendy color

b)     Fine glides and textures

c)      Gives a versatile and striking result

d)     It is very light and carried anywhere you travel. It weighs 2.65 ounce



Everything comes with certain benefits and drawbacks. Even a brand like MAC is no exception!

i)                    Pros –

a)      It has an excellent color combination

b)     The packaging is good which makes travelling with it quite safe

ii)                  Cons –

a)      The textures are chalky in nature

b)     A primer or a base is required to make the eye shadows work

c)      The eye pencil and the applicator that comes along with the kit is not of the best of qualities

d)     Manufacturing and expiry dates are not mentioned



Here are some of the ingredients used to prepare these items

a)      Mica

b)     Titanium Dioxide

c)      Lanolin Oil

d)     Ceresin Wax

e)      Manganese Violet

MAC has been one of the leading brands since last couple of decades. Despite some of the inherent drawbacks it still remains to be the number one choice for all the fashion freaks, all over the world.

Will catch up with you girls later!