Midas Care Hands-On Sanitizer Review

Midas Care Hands-On Sanitizer Review

Midas Care Hands-On Sanitizer Review

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Hygiene is the most important thing to care about, like the old but very true saying…health is everything. Most of us are on a run the whole day long, we work, we go out, spend the majority of our day out in the open. When I was a kid I remember my mother ensuring that we washed our hands every time it was meant to keep us healthy and clean. Well that is rarely possible now, when on a run the whole day long. Thankfully now pocket sized hand sanitizers have clouded the market and more people are getting aware of its benefits. Dettol obviously was the obvious name in the market when sanitizers become a trend, closely followed by lifebuoy.

Now, there is no looking back. A lot of pharmaceuticals have come up with variety of sanitizers and I will be reviewing one of them with you.

The product that I plan to review today is called Midas Care Hands-On Sanitizer. Midas care is a pharmaceuticals company that manufactures health care-well-being products, personal care products, home care products etc. the hands- on sanitizer is one of their best products.

I personally liked this one because it has a strong lemon tint to it that is really refreshing.

I will talk about the Midas Care Hands-On Sanitizer in  just a bit, but before that I also want to talk to you about another product that I have reviewed in the past. This one is called the Garnier Skin Naturals Body Cocoon Moisturizing Lotion.

This one is a great lotion and has a wonderful fragrance. To know more about it just click on the link above. I hope this review is helpful.

Enjoy the read!

Midas Care Hands-On Sanitizer
Midas Care Hands-On Sanitizer

Product Description of Midas Care Hands-On Sanitizer

According to the website!

Hands-on hand sanitizer kills 99.9% bacteria in 15 seconds. It is extremely soft on hands and easy to use. Now cleaning your hands doesn’t need water or tissues. You can clean them and keep them clean anywhere, anytime.

Direction for Use

Take the sanitizer onto your palm. Rub your palms together applying the sanitizer at the back of your palms and finger tips. Flap your hands in the air and dry your hands completely.

Midas Care Hands-On Sanitizer
Midas Care Hands-On Sanitizer

Shelf Life

2 years or 24 months from the date of manufacturing 

Price & Quantity

INR60; 100ml

Skin Type

This product is suitable for all skin types. Avoid applying the product on broken or irritating skin.


The packaging for this hand sanitizer has been done to ensure that it is easy to carry. It comes in a plastic yellow bottle. With a sturdy cap on top. The bottle has to be squeezed to get the contents out.

The packaging is travel and user friendly!

Midas Care Hands-On Sanitizer
Midas Care Hands-On Sanitizer


The sanitizer is transparent in colour and feels cold when applied. The texture is gel like. It does have a strong lemon smell. It is after all a sanitizer …what else can you expect. But the smell vanishes in a few minutes. It does not dry the skin. 

Key Ingredients

  • Ethanol
  • Triclosan
  • Color- quinolone yellow WS
  • I number. 47005
Midas Care Hands-On Sanitizer
Midas Care Hands-On Sanitizer

Pros Midas Care Hands-On Sanitizer

  • Reasonable in price
  • Good quantity
  • Works efficiently
  • Lasts long
  • Smells of lemons
  • Refreshing
  • Comes in other flavours too 

Cons Midas Care Hands-On Sanitizer

  • uncomfortable flowy
  • I wish the bottle size was smaller
  • Difficult to find in the market

My Experience with Midas Care Hands-On Sanitizer

The product is okay! I won’t call it exceptionally great. Works fine! The packaging is attractive.



Whether I would recommend this product again:

Maybe! I am not sure.