Miss Claire Waterproof Eyeliner Review

Miss Claire Waterproof Eyeliner Review

Miss Claire Waterproof Eyeliner Review

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Dearest reader! Don’t you want to make your eyes look bigger, better and beautiful every day? I know that gliding a stroke of eyeliner every day is in fashion now! But in my opinion putting on liquid eyeliner every day will harm your eyelids! Moreover, liquid eyeliner is really difficult to apply daily as it takes “extra” time to dry on! The product which I am reviewing is just like a normal pen liner but it has some exceptionally better properties that other liner does not have! You can also refer my previous article of a good liquid liner and that is Meilin Original Glam Shine Eyeliner Reviews

Miss Claire Waterproof Eyeliner
Miss Claire Waterproof Eyeliner

Product description

Miss Claire Waterproof Eye Pencil is one of the most famous and popular eyeliners these days which provide you the utmost comfort while lining your eyes. The delicate and soft stick allows you to perform precise lines on your eyelids, and makes your lashes appear thicker. It also lets the colour of your irises more intensified. The color pencil is soft enough that does not irritate the eye.

The line drawn with this pencil is long-lasting and does not smudge at all. Miss Claire eyeliners are fragrance-free and contain macadamia oil.

Direction for use

Just simply glide a smooth stroke on to your eyelid! As with this eye pencil you do not need any pressure. The color pencil is really smooth and makes it really easy for me to apply.

Miss Claire Waterproof Eyeliner
Miss Claire Waterproof Eyeliner

Shelf life

3 years


175 rupees only!


The Miss Claire eye color comes in a plastic roll-on. It is really easy to apply the pencil on the eyelids with this packaging as it avoids breakage.

Miss Claire Waterproof Eyeliner
Miss Claire Waterproof Eyeliner


The texture of the color stick is the smoothest one! Well it is smudge proof too up to some extent! Moreover it provides exact same shade with one stroke itself. The only condition is to keep this product in a cool place! (But not in a refrigerator).

Key ingredients

Not mentioned you may check online!

Pros of Miss Claire waterproof eyeliner

  • The liner stick is easy to apply
  • The color stays well on the lids
  • The color is smudge proof up to 5-6 hours
  • The shade comes out with one stroke it self
  • The packaging of the product prevents breakage of the color stick

Cons of Miss Claire waterproof eyeliner

  • Need a cool place to keep this product
  • It sometimes put the color on to my upper lid
Miss Claire Waterproof Eyeliner
Miss Claire Waterproof Eyeliner

My experience with Miss Claire waterproof eyeliner

The Miss Claire stick liner is a good eye product to have! Well, the liner is really easy and smooth to apply! The color comes out really good and bold enough! The brand comes up to its promises. Yes, it does not contain any smell! I have even done my Smokey eye look with this color stick. It is super easy to do it with it! But always use some strong base when you apply this product as it might give a color patch on to your upper lid. So beware! The color is a dark brown one and I call it as a prettiest color I have in my collection! As I have a fair complexion so it suits my eyes completely. The cost of this product is also reasonable comparatively. This range of Miss Claire liners also have many other beautiful and trendy shades that you can try.



Whether I would recommend this product again?

Yes I will surely recommend this easy to use and a reasonably priced and performing eye liner.