MTV Muah Pop LG 06 Review

MTV Muah Pop LG 06 Review

MTV Muah pop LG 06 Review

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I hope everyone had a blast on New Year’s Eve. Today I will be reviewing a lip gloss from the Blue Heaven brand. It is an Indian brand which has a variety of items from skin care to makeup products. The range of the gloss was exciting, so I bought it. I have the obsession of collecting eye shadows and lip products. Let’s check it out how it worked for me.

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MTV Muah Pop LG 06
MTV Muah Pop LG 06

Product description:

The MTV Muah Collection by Blue Heaven, comes in three cosmetics kits which denote three make up kits that you can create using the products you get in that box. They are named as-  dazzle, punk, pop. All the makeup products come in a cute packaging and very affordable. The range includes lipsticks, lip gloss, nail paints, eyeliner, eye shadows.

MUAH lip colors come, with vitamins, which gives you your lips, an all-new look by protecting them dryness.


I bought it online for 139 INR 6ml. The prices can vary, if bought from local stores.

MTV Muah Pop LG 06
MTV Muah Pop LG 06


The lip gloss comes in a cardboard box on which pop is written. The lip gloss packaging is nothing fancy. The tube is transparent with a black screw cap.  It has a doe applicator which is not sturdy and gives a good application on the lips. The color of the gloss can be easily identified which is good in a way. The screw cap is tight enough for travelling purposes.


The color I got is transparent.

MTV Muah Pop LG 06
MTV Muah Pop LG 06


The texture is creamy and non-sticky.

Shelf life:

Two years from the date of manufacture.

Key ingredients:

No list is mentioned.

MTV Muah Pop LG 06
MTV Muah Pop LG 06

Pros of the MTV Muah pop LG 06

  • It is a transparent color.
  • It is surprisingly moisturizing and easily glides on the lips.
  • The lip gloss is devoid of any shimmers.
  • It has a wide range of lip glosses.
  • Easily available online.
  • Travel friendly.

Cons of the MTV Muah Pop LG 06

  • No ingredient list is mentioned.
  • The lip gloss has no color.
  • The staying power reduces if eating is involved.
  • All shades have numbers instead of names.
  • Many won’t like this clear lip gloss.
MTV Muah Pop LG 06
MTV Muah Pop LG 06

My experience with the MTV Muah Pop LG 06

I really wanted a transparent lip gloss which do not add any color to the lips. They have a huge variety to choose from. The packaging comes in a glass tube with a black screw cap. It is clear lip gloss.

The LG 06 shade can be used to make any matte lipstick glossy. The application is a bit tricky for beginners. I am not comfortable with the doe applicator so I use a lip brush for this liquid lipstick. It can also be worn directly on the lips without any lipstick. It is really moisturizing on the lips for two hours without any lip balm.

The staying power was around 3 hours with light snacking. It makes lips dry after two hours, so carry a lip balm. The ingredient list is not completely mentioned. I think it is fair for the customers to know what they are applying on their lips. The shelf life is good for two years.  There are other brands as cheap as Mtv Muah such as Elle 18, Streetwear.



Would I recommend the MTV Muah Pop LG 06?

I really liked this lip gloss and you can also give it a try.