Natures Essence Diamond Bleach Reviews

Natures Essence Diamond Bleach Reviews

Natures Essence Diamond Bleach Reviews

Hello beauties,

I hope you are having a good day so far. I am here to review a very essential beauty product for you today. You would agree to me on some point that it is essential for most of us, out here in India to bleach our facial hair once a month at least to merge them with our skin colour and then no doubt, bleaching helps in brightening and maintaining your complexion, too.

I am always on a look out for mild bleaches that do not cause my skin to sting too much while bleaching. So, my recent pick is a bleach from the brand.

Natures Essence Diamond Bleach
Natures Essence Diamond Bleach

Product description and claims

The delicate blend of handpicked fruit extracts gives a stunning fairness & Fruitolicious feel to the skin. Nature’s Fruit Bleach helps to lighten facial hair & make skin fair & fine & at the same time, keeps the skin tender & soft. Its extremely gentle formula ensures minimized irritation to the skin while bleaching.

  • Formulated to give your skin a natural glow
  • Its high quality ingredients not only improve the texture of skin but also nourish with the goodness of nature
  • It blends facial hair, cleanses pores and removes impurities
  • Reduces facial blemishes from deep within, providing you a fairer complexion
  • A must-have product to impart a diamond like radiance to the skin

    Natures Essence Diamond Bleach
    Natures Essence Diamond Bleach

Directions for usage

I will start with the method of bleaching. I have a somewhat sensitive skin so, I do not mix my bleach to be too strong. I mix one part of activator powder with four parts of the base cream and mix thoroughly till all the powder gets dissolved. Then, this mix needs to be spread as an even and thick layer across the face. 

Shelf life

1 year approx


Rs 100 for 43 grams.. pretty economical, I guess


The cream comes in a small tub and activator in a small tube both have caps that close tightly. There is a spatula along to ease out the application of the product.

Natures Essence Diamond Bleach
Natures Essence Diamond Bleach


The cream is thick in texture while the activator powder is granular.

Pros of Natures Essence Diamond Bleach

  • lesser stinging
  • lesser smell
  • lightens facial hair
  • brightens complexion
  • easy to use
  • pocket friendly

Cons of Natures Essence Diamond Bleach

  • No pre bleach and post bleach Cream provided with the pack.

    Natures Essence Diamond Bleach
    Natures Essence Diamond Bleach

My experience with Natures Essence Diamond Bleach

Follow the directions of usage carefully. Take care not too slather the bleach on your eyebrows. Now, leave on the bleach for 15 to 20 Minutes. For girls with darker complexion, ten minutes would be sufficient. Remove the bleach with a damp cotton cloth, preferably, dipped in cool water. Rinse well with cool water. While using this bleach, I experienced a much lesser stinging and discomfort also, the typical bleach smell was much fainter.

After this bleach, as with all others, you might need a cooling Aloe vera or sandalwood facepack to ease out any mild irritation that might have occured and by all measures, protect your skin from direct sunlight. Use a mild cleansing milk for your face and not a harsh soap. I have not experienced any rashes or break outs after using this product and would like to recommed it to all. However, it is mandatory to perform a patch test before you go ahead with any bleach.

Natures Essence Diamond Bleach
Natures Essence Diamond Bleach



Would I recommend this product again?

I would definitely repurchase and recommend this bleach as it gives good results at a much lesser price than other brands. I have tried jolen and vlcc earlier and this is far better, overall.