Nature’s Essence Gold Pack Review

Nature’s Essence Gold Pack Review

Nature’s Essence Gold Pack Review

Hey there my lovely people!

So! No! My face pack obsession is still not over… it’s not entirely my fault as I have over a period of  time collected such a variety that I am having a really hard time getting done with them. I am genuinely trying to wind them up. But, till then, stay close.

So the face pack that I will be talking to you about is Nature’s Essence Gold Pack.

I actually bought this one with the massage cream from the same brand and range. I think I felt obligated to buy them together to make a set and to ensure that it worked efficiently.

Today I will be discussing this product in details with all of you. Stay put and have a great read.

Oh, also, before I forget there are reviews available about the gold bleach as well as the massaging cream, don’t forget to go through them. I will put the link below.

Nature’s Essence Gold Massage Cream 

Nature’s Essence gold Bleach  

Nature’s Essence Gold Pack
Nature’s Essence Gold Pack

Product Description of Nature’s Essence Gold Pack

This face pack claims to be a moisturizing face pack which improves the skin texture, boosts the skin renews and hydrates the skin very effectively.

This pack has added oils that help in softening the skin and also add shine and luster to the skin.

Nature’s Essence Gold Pack also counteracts aging signs which are caused due to dry skin.

Direction for Use

Before applying this product please ensure that your skin is clean and dry. Take a fair amount of the pack and start applying it onto your skin in smooth and thick layers.

After your face and neck are neatly and smoothly covered with the pack, wet your hands and start massaging your face gently. You could also use gulab jal for this purpose or even cold milk if you have dry to normal skin.

Let the pack sit for 15 minutes and when it is completely dry, remove it using a wet towel or washing the pack away with running cold water.

Use this pack once a week to get great textured skin.

Using the pack daily could dry your skin so refrain yourself from doing that. 

Nature’s Essence Gold Pack
Nature’s Essence Gold Pack

Shelf Life

3 years from the date of manufactured

Price & Quantity

INR 275; 125 grams

Skin Type

This face pack is suitable for all skin types. 

Nature’s Essence Gold Pack
Nature’s Essence Gold Pack


Nature’s Essence Gold Pack comes in a white tub. It is convenient in size and is secured at top with a white cap.

It is great and comfortable for travel purposes


The face pack is really smooth and has a comfortable consistency which makes it very easy to apply.

It has a pleasant fragrance and is very mild.

Nature’s Essence Gold Pack
Nature’s Essence Gold Pack

Key Ingredients

  • Lavender oil
  • Orange oil
  • Lemon oil
  • Seasame oil 

Pros Nature’s Essence Gold Pack

  • Easily available
  • Reasonable
  • Mild on the skin
  • Gives a radiant glow to your skin
  • Smells great
  • Suits all types of skin 

Cons Nature’s Essence Gold Pack

 None at all. 

My Experience with Nature’s Essence Gold Pack

My experience with this face pack has been pretty fair. I really liked the quality of the product and the effects it has on my skin. It is very mild and doesn’t have any adverse effects. 



Whether I would recommend this product again:

Yessss!!!! Again it is the sort of product which is good for a try. It is true that it wasn’t anything out of the world for me but in my case it worked on my skin and showed some significant positive effects. So, it’s safe enough to recommend this one!