NoMarks Fruit Face Pack Reviews

NoMarks Fruit Face Pack Reviews

NoMarks Fruit Face Pack Reviews

Hello girls! In this hot weather we do need some soothing products to keep our skin healthy and beautiful. Today, I have got a product from “Nomarks”! The brand itself is known for natural products which cause no harmful effects on skin. The products usually give high quality benefits and good aftereffects. The product for today’s article is” Nomarks fruit face pack”! This face pack has helped me to reduce the adverse effects of heat and pollution on my skin! The product is full of natural ingredients. This face pack provides a cooling and soothing effect during application, also this face pack is really easy to use. Please read further.

NoMarks Fruit Face Pack
NoMarks Fruit Face Pack

Product description

Nomarks fruit face pack comes with a perfect combination of natural ingredients which include fruit extracts which helps to gently cleans and nourish your skin. The fruit face pack has lemon, papaya, pineapple and tomato which are known best for skin treatments. It also contain vitamin A and C which act as a antioxidant and protects the skin from harmful effects of the sun rays, pollution and ageing. By using this face pack will help you to reduce skin blemishes, dark patches and pigmentation and gives you a natural looking and glowing skin!

Direction for use

Clean your face with a good face wash and do a little scrubbing after washing your face. Now take a reasonable amount of face pack on your hand and apply it directly on your face. The clay easily covers your face. Do not forget to apply the face pack on your neck area also. After application leave the clay to dry completely. And wash your face or remove the face pack by wet towel or cotton. Apply this face pack twice a week.

NoMarks Fruit Face Pack
NoMarks Fruit Face Pack

Shelf life

2 years


Rupees 49 only!


The fruit face pack comes in a plastic white color tube, which has a nozzle screw cap. The packaging is not so attractive. Well no complaints for packaging as the products costs just 49 rupees. The tube has a good quantity in it.

NoMarks Fruit Face Pack
NoMarks Fruit Face Pack


Texture is really thick, but has a good coverage on the skin. The clay takes up to 30 to 40 minutes time to dry. Well it has a really nice fruity smell which is certainly the best part of this face pack.

NoMarks Fruit Face Pack
NoMarks Fruit Face Pack

Key ingredients

Mentioned below

NoMarks Fruit Face Pack
NoMarks Fruit Face Pack

Pros of NOMARKS Fruit face pack

  • The face pack costs really less
  • A good quantity
  • Do not leave the skin dry after removal
  • Has a very nice fruity smell
  • Has all natural ingredients therefore is good to all skin types
  • Has long lasting effects!
  • Refreshes my skin,
  • Helps to de-tan my skin
  • Has a good shelf life

Cons of NOMARKS Fruit face pack

  • Couldn’t find any

My experience with NOMARKS Fruit face pack

With Nomarks fruit face pack I have experienced a good and impactful results. Firstly, the price of this face pack has attracted me a lot! Just 49 rupees. Well after the usage I did not curbed about the boring packaging at all! As this face pack brought a natural glow on my face and there was no need to apply any cream after the usage as it did not let my skin dry at all! Instead it kept the moisture in tacked within. Talking about the wonderful ingredients, papaya, lemon, pineapple and tomato we get all in one! Well that’s awesome to get a healthy and glowing skin; also the vitamins present are sun protectors and help the damage caused by sun rays! The smell of the face pack is really very soothing in this hot season, the delicious fruity smell retained for 3-4 hours! Well, I will say it is not just a smart buy but it is a must buy for this season.



Whether I would recommend this product again?

A big yes to this face pack!