Nomarks Neem Face Wash Reviews

Nomarks Neem Face Wash Reviews

Nomarks Neem Face Wash Reviews

Hello beauties,

I am blessed with dry skin and lots of black and white heads too. That’s the reason scrubs has been my absolute favourite. But i have always read that regular use of scrub sis not good for your skin especially for dry skin. So, this face wash is my very first face wash after years i guess.

Now, some introduction about my skin. i have a dry skin which very rarely has pimples. Thus, using a neem based face wash was not actually as per my requirements. But still anyhow i zeroed in on this face wash.

So, let’s see did this Nomarks neem face wash worth your gorgeous and beautiful skin or not.

Nomarks Neem Face Wash
Nomarks Neem Face Wash

Product description of Nomarks neem face wash

New Bajaj Nomarks Neem Face Wash is enriched with encapsulated beads of Neem that help in removing excess oil and deep rooted dirt. It also provides relief from sunburn, blemishes and acne/pimple problems. Regular usage helps prevent pimples, lightens dark spots and refreshes skin.


  • Neemis an antiseptic and antibacterial.
  • Cloveprevents acne.
  • Lemonprotects from UV damage.

Directions for use:

Squeeze out a small amount of face wash on your palm. Put some drops of water in it and make the mixture in a thick but runny consistency. Spread this consistency on your entire face liberally. You can wash off the face wash after 3-5 minutes. But i like to use it as a face wash too. I leave the face wash on my face atlaest for 10 minutes and then rinse off with water. Be careful to rinse it thoroughly with more water than regular face wash.

Nomarks Neem Face Wash
Nomarks Neem Face Wash

Price :

Rs. 55 for 60 grams (Dirt Cheap isn’t it??)

Packaging :

There are some things in life which look beautiful only when they are plain. Same is with my face wash. I like them to be plain, simple and easy to handle. This face wash from the house of NOMARKS is quite simple and convenient. It comes in medium sized and light-weight. It has a flip flop opening which controls the amount of face wash dispensed with.

But there is a fear of product oozing out once pressure is applied. Thus, it’s not that safe while travelling.

Nomarks Neem Face Wash
Nomarks Neem Face Wash

Texture :

The face wash is light green in colour with tiny bits of green colour particles in it. I suppose this tiny green bit may be neem. This tiny bits are evenly distributed in the face wash.

Pros of Nomarks neem face wash

  1. Trustworthy brand
  2. Affordable
  3. Available both online as well as offline
  4. Texture impressive
  5. Effectively cleanses the skin
  6. Lasts longer
  7. Very little amount of product required
  8. No bothering fragrance

Cons of Nomarks neem face wash

  1. Packaging troublesome
  2. Does not remove blackheads
  3. Not effective in reducing pimples
Nomarks Neem Face Wash
Nomarks Neem Face Wash

My experience with Nomarks neem face wash

This face wash after cleansing the face gives a wonderful fresh look. If applied in morning it effectively removes the night’s hangover and brings out the clean polished face. And when you sue in evening after a day out it removes the day’s dirt and tiredness and gives you a clean no makeup look.

Texture wise once when face wash is applied it’s tiny green bits just get mixed in the skin. These greens tiny are not at all coarse on face. But the sad part with this face wash is that it is not at all effective in removing black and white heads. For that you need a scrubber.



Whether i would recommend this product again

Yes. For me it’s a perfect daily use face wash.