organic cosmetics

organic cosmetics

Organic Cosmetics: Alternative to Avoid Animal Testing

Hi Girls… this is Malvika again, will be offering you some knowledge to make world greener. It’s my small part to make thing go ethical. You should also do your part!!

Well I think animal testing has tended to be a subject of intense public issue within the medical world. Many advocates of this kind of practice can explain that is an essential portion of experimentation. By this experimentation comes up along with safe and effective product. Similar thing has been done within the beauty and cosmetic industry.


Usually there are beauty products which are being made up via animal testing. Moreover a person may not have any knowledge regarding it, and may utilize the current one. Animal testing can be said as a practice which should be of a concern for a consumer. It harms the animals as well as tends to be hazard for a person’s health. This is the major cause great amounts of people are turning for organic and cruelty-free cosmetics nowadays.

Why are animal testing done in companies?


In the late 1930’s the United States Congress had approved this practice. It tended to be as a kind of response for gaining incidence for those people suffering from the side effects from the untested pharmaceutical and cosmetic products. From that time, this has become a normal portion of promoting products for many companies. The other countries have even trod in the similar way when the topic is of drug and cosmetic products. Most of the negative effects are levied on the animals and the Animal advocates pertain for animal testing as a “bad science”.


This is due to its perceiving of brutality and cruelty. Most of the cosmetic products are being tested up on the animals as an individual substance or finished product. Many animals would be injected along with chemicals which are usually not acquired. These animals are then observed for seeing the side effects which would show up. Usually the fate of an animal can rely on the innate properties of most of the untested chemicals. Many animals can suffer from mental abnormalities, blindness, organ failure and development of tumors, skin disease and other imaginable side effects. Many animals can be left to die as they are being branded as “useless” subjects.

Is it essential?

It is tough to think that testing animals does not involve any kinds of cruel conscience for performing. But many companies would stick to this kind of practice for proving efficacy and safeness for their products. But a question which can come in top one’s mind is animal testing essential? There are certain strongly affected innovative technology and methods being applied within the cosmetic industry. Those are pretty sufficient for bypassing animal testing. Along with the advancement of this technology, the animal testing has a quality which is unnecessary in many cases. The popularity of organic cosmetic utilization can be said as the results for this type of development.

What next!


All should make a strong stand against animal brutality and cruelty. When the subject is of selecting cosmetic products, it is necessary that a person prevents brands and products which perform animal testing. Being a part of this cause, one should eventually switch to the organic products in India.