Oriflame Nail Whitener Review

Oriflame Nail Whitener Review


Hello sweetnesses 🙂 hope you’re up now after a nice n’ lazy weekend :). I’m back to my home from my cousin’s house and again on with some write-ups for you. A found a lot of makeup goodies in my cousin’s house that I’d not used so far, but some of them have impressed me this much that I’m craving for them since weekend, well gonna get ‘em soon 😉 some of the products have already been reviewed either by me or by some other authors in this site. So I’ve picked up a unique product from my cousin’s dressing table and after some proper research, I’m going to write a blog up on it. My product for today is something that has been loved by many, a nail care product from Oriflame, Sweden; Oriflame Nail Whitener.

About Oriflame: Oriflame, the world’s one of the most favorite cosmetic brand, was founded by 2 Swedish brothers. It uses to provide the world with natural Swedish skin, body, hair care products, also makeup goodies; both for me and women. In present days Oriflame is having zillions of customers around the globe. This profound love of the consumer’s along with the mind and labor of millions of Oriflame’s consultants in each and every countries of the world, has truly made it a ‘beauty’s beauty secret’. In India, the number of consumers using Oriflame is increasing day-by-day. Though bit expensive, but the quality it offers, price is nothing compared to it.

About Oriflame Nail Whitener :

Oriflame Nail Whitener
Oriflame Nail Whitener

Oriflame nail whitener is loved by almost all the beauties who love to apply nail polish. With regular application of nail polish, your nail tends to discolor and gets yellowish. This is a product that works miraculously to re-whiten your nails. This is a water based product that leaves no color on your nails after application, but a glassy glow that gets washed out with water, leaving its finest effects onto your nails that prevent it from getting discolored.

As Per Oriflame, the product is a “Brush-on and rub-in water-based gel with Hydrogen Peroxide to help brighten and whiten stained or discolored nails. Contains nourishing Aloe Vera and D-Panthenol for supple, flexible nails. 7 ml.”

Oriflame Nail Whitener
Oriflame Nail Whitener


  • AQUA,

Oriflame nail whitener comes in a sturdy glass nail-polish-bottle with a brushy applicator and the bottle was wrapped up in a thin plastic cover, unfortunately sissy have lost the plastic cover 🙁 . The bottle contains 7ml of Oriflame nail whitener. You can get this product from any of the Oriflame agents in your locality 🙂

Price: 229 INR for a 7ml bottle.

How to Use It:

Oriflame Nail Whitener
Oriflame Nail Whitener

This nail whitener is a bit thick in consistency and white in color as in the picture. Apply in on nude nails. Remove your nail enamel with a thinner and then apply it with the applier brush attached. Let it dry. It dries off very fast and thus doesn’t keep the glassy finish that can look artificial. It cannot be used as a substitute of a nail polish. But it can surely protect your nails from the harsh effects of a daily wear nail polish.

Oriflame Nail Whitener
Oriflame Nail Whitener

This is how the nail looks immediately after applying Oriflame nail whitener

My Take on Oriflame nail whitener:

I liked this product for sure. First of all, it’s a product from the Swedish house of Oriflame, brand matters anywayyyy. The product works nicely on nails, preventing it from discoloration, naturally. It doesn’t get the nails an unnatural whitey finish that doesn’t always look good. More to that, using this product you can get long and healthy nails as it also works on boosting it up. I’m having unhealthy thin nails that tend to get broken very easily. My cousin suggested me Oriflame nail whitener and now I’m gonna get that very soon.

Oriflame Nail Whitener
Oriflame Nail Whitener

I liked almost each and every feature of the same but presence of paraben in it doesn’t please me much. Manufacturers should really look for something that can replace paraben, and can also provide a long shelf life to the product. Another disadvantage of all the Oriflame products is its availability. One’ll need to look for an Oriflame agent, as only the agents have the license to sell the products, and Oriflame products are generally not to be sold in the market.

Considering all the pros and cons of the same, I would like to give it 9.5 out of 10. 0.5 for the paraben, otherwise it’s a total hit :).

I would highly recommend this product to all my sweetyums 🙂 who have been looking for something awesome for their nails to make them healthier.