Oriflame Wellness Nutrishake Reviews

Oriflame Wellness Nutrishake Reviews

Oriflame Wellness Nutrishake Review

Hello to All Dazzling Divas, 

How are you? Hope you all are doing great. Today, I going to give you updates on Oriflame Wellness Nutrishake. Recently, I got this from oriflame. I was very happy to know that oriflame is having products for nutrition and health under wellness program.

In our busy schedule, we didn’t get time for our body. As a result, feel fatigued and tried in middle of the day. The ill-effects of our body does not end here, it also affects the beauty of our skin. To maintain our body and skin, we need to give supplement to our body. In search of supplement, my eyes went on Oriflame Wellness product. 

Oriflame Wellness Nutrishake
Oriflame Wellness Nutrishake

Product Description

It is delicious and vegetarian shake which has mixture of proteins, carbohydrates and fiber. Carbohydrates helps to satisfy hunger and cravings and natural ingredients provide optimal nutrition and protein to the body. 

Direction for Use

Take 1 table-spoon of nutritive shake and mix well in cold water. 

Shelf Life

1 year 


Rs 2499 


It has normal packaging in a yellow colored packet with a green circle which shows that it is completely vegetarian. Under the packet, you will get one container with spoon. 

Oriflame Wellness Nutrishake
Oriflame Wellness Nutrishake


It is in powder form. 

Key Ingredients

It has all the natural ingredients in balance form. It includes three sources of protein, one to lower the calories in the body, second for weight loss and third one for weight management. It has apples which work well for mucous membrane with sugar beet that helps you to keep your digestive system fit.  It also has rose hips which is rich in vitamins. You can have vitamin, protein with balanced calories. 

Oriflame Wellness Nutrishake
Oriflame Wellness Nutrishake

Pros of Oriflame wellness nutritive shake

  • It acts as good source of protein, as it has three different types of protein.
  • It has fibers which supports body.
  • Good source of energy.
  • Being a good source of energy, it also helps in reducing weight.
  • It has three different flavors and all are natural flavors.

    Oriflame Wellness Nutrishake
    Oriflame Wellness Nutrishake

My Experience with Oriflame wellness nutritive shake

We usually, don’t like nutritive shakes, as they didn’t smell good and don’t have taste. So, I was not interested to have this but it belongs to oriflame and I like oriflame products. And finally, I made my mind to have this. I have taken vanilla flavor. I picked this flavor because I like it in fruit custard, so I thought it may go with this also.

Guess what??????? It is awesome in taste. I felt like I am sitting in an ice-cream parlor and got a new drink in my hand……really awesome in taste. There was no smell of protein and vitamins. This made me crazy for oriflame wellness nutritive shake.

It gets ready in easy steps, so it can be considered as good supplement in your breakfast. When I used this I found that it works great when taken with meal. Always remember that nutritive shake is a supplement not a replacement of meal.

After using it for 1 week, I found increment in my energy level as well as in my concentration. You can take have shake in between your meals. It keeps you look fresh for all day. All of the above, I would like to mention that it is perfect solution for my hungry. Whenever, you are feeling tried or low, go nutritive shake.

Oriflame Wellness Nutrishake
Oriflame Wellness Nutrishake


9 out of 10 

Whether I would recommend this product again: 

Yes, I really like to recommend it, as it is good in taste and at the same perfect for body needs.

This is the end of health and nutritive review. Hope you like the content and works well on your health.

Keep rolling for more updates and don’t forget to look “Stylish and Spicy”…….