Patanjali Almond Hair Oil Review

Patanjali Almond Hair Oil Review

Patanjali Almond Hair Oil Review

Hello everybody…!!

How are you doing today? I am back with a product review on Patanjali product. Yes this is undoubtedly my recent favorite ayurvedic brand. Amazing line of products at a very affordable price tag.  Since winter is here and hair care is my top priority, I am investing maximum on hair care products. I have collected so many hair oils, and nourishing shampoos and masks for my hair to keep then nourished and hydrated at all times.

One hair issue that I am presently facing is that of hair fall. No it’s not just normal hair fall. Its severe hair fall. Every time I swipe my fingers in the hair, a strand or two breaks and it’s so disheartening to see my hair fall. So I am buying almost everything that claims to reduce my hair fall. Remember I even tried the L’Oreal ampoule treatment? But nothing seems to stop the hair fall. Read on to know if this hair oil stands true to its claims or does it fail my expectations.

Patanjali Almond Hair Oil
Patanjali Almond Hair Oil

Product description:

It strengthens, softens and conditions the hair and will also prevent hair fall.

Product price and quantity:

Rs 50 for 100 ml bottle. Really cheap isn’t it?

Shelf life:

24 months

Patanjali Almond Hair Oil
Patanjali Almond Hair Oil


The almond oils see-through bottle is hexagon in shape with a flip cap. However I don’t find it travel safe. It’s prone to leakage. The bottle was packed in a cardboard box with pictures of almonds on it and other product related information.

Patanjali Almond Hair Oil
Patanjali Almond Hair Oil


Alike most other hair oils, this oil has a runny oily texture. Its color has resemblance to that of almond color and smells good.

Key ingredients:

Kindly refer the list below in the picture

Patanjali Almond Hair Oil
Patanjali Almond Hair Oil

Pros of Patanjali Almond Hair Oil:

  • Available in many sizes
  • Not heavy on pocket
  • Light weight texture
  • Easy to apply
  • Non greasy
  • Easy to rinse off
  • Nourishes the scalp
  • Can be used for hot oil treatment
  • A little quantity goes a long way
  • Contains almond as well as sesame oil
  • Suitable to all scalp types

Cons of Patanjali Almond Hair Oil:

  • The proportion of almond oil is less in the ingredients
  • I didn’t notice any great reduction in my hair loss

My experience with Patanjali Almond Hair Oil:

I have used this oil some 4-5 times and it’s a good oil to nourish the hair. However, I find it a little greasy and tough to work with while rinsing. I massage the oil for 15-20 minutes and let it stay overnight. My hair drinks the oil like a dream. My hair is shiny and glows the next morning after I wash it. Although don’t expect it to make the hair soft.

I was disappointed to not notice any reduction in the amount of hair fall even though it claims to make the hair strong and reduce hair fall. So this product failed the claims. However it does nourish my hair and makes it shiny. The fragrance is also good to smell and stays almost whole night.

Overall, it’s average hair oil.


I will rate it 7.5 out of 10.

Will I recommend this hair oil again?

Yes. I often mix this almond oil with the Patanjali coconut oil and massage my scalp to gain benefit of both. It’s very inexpensive and full of goodness. So I suggest you give this one a try without fail next when you go to a Patanjali outlet as its super affordable. Also let me know in the comment box below which is your favorite product from Patanjali?