PATANJALI Beauty Cream Reviews

PATANJALI Beauty Cream Reviews

PATANJALI beauty cream Reviews

Hi guys..!! hope you all are doing well. today I am going to review beauty cream from patanjali.i have oily and sensitive skin , most day creams that i used gave me pimples also made my skin more oily. So hoping that this product might help me i bought this beauty cream from patanjali. So read on to know if you should buy it or no!

PATANJALI Beauty Cream
PATANJALI Beauty Cream

Product Description of PATANJALI beauty cream

There is no detailed product description on the product or on the patanjalis official website. For natural beauty and glow of skin, is all that is written.

Direction for Use

Apply 2-5 gms on the face twice daily

Price & Quantity

INR 70 for 50g

PATANJALI Beauty Cream
PATANJALI Beauty Cream

Skin Type

No specific skin type mentioned


This comes in a white coloured plastic tube form, same as our toothpaste packaging. It does not have an attached cap instead screw on cap. The tube is not transparent and has all the details written over it. The packaging is quite simple and travel friendly. The screw on cap can be close tightly to avoid spillage of the product

PATANJALI Beauty Cream
PATANJALI Beauty Cream


The texture of this cream is very heavy, which was a bit turn off for me as i have oily skin. This cream is off white in colour and quite greasy.

PATANJALI Beauty Cream
PATANJALI Beauty Cream

Key Ingredients

Aloe vera Leaf juice, Wheat seed, Kutaj (Holarrhena antidysenterica), Manjishta,(Rubia cordifolia) Root, Anantmool (Hemidesmus indicus), Chandan (Santlum album), Daru haldi (Curcuma amada Rhizome), Tulsi (Ocimum santlum) leaf

Base Material:

Stearic Acid, Cetyl Alcohol, Wheat germ oil, EDTA , DC-200, TIO2/ Mica, KOH, LLPO, Glycerin, IPM, Carbapol, Soya peptide , Vit- A/Retanyl palmitate, A2 Plus, Rheam exodi root ext, Javitri oil, Borax, Asphatik Bhasma , Perfume- Dove, Water-Q/S

PATANJALI Beauty Cream
PATANJALI Beauty Cream

Pros of PATANJALI beauty cream

  • Cheap
  • May act as a moisturiser for dry skinned beauties
  • Very sweet smell

Cons of PATANJALI beauty cream

  • Makes skin oily
  • The texture is very heavy and greasy
  • Can be used as a day cream , makes you sweat like hell
  • Did not make my skin glow as claimed

My Experience with PATANJALI beauty cream

I am not a fan of fairness product, i don’t use them for their fairness claims but because they somewhat help me get rid of my tanning and even out my skin tone to quite an extent. I was on the lookout for a decent day cream which will control the oil on my face, all previously used day creams had me suffering from breakouts. So hoping that as this product was ayurvedic it won’t break me out and will help me in mattifying my face, i bought this. The lady at the patanjali store persuaded me to buy this by saying it will clear out my skin of the acne scars and also prevent pimples. I bought this instantly, i came home i applied it at night, within 15 minute of application my face was sweating and had become greasy even though i was indoors. Also the texture of this cream is very difficult to work with you have to massage it a lot, to let all the product get absorbed by your skin. If i had oily skin while i was indoors, after using this product then i can’t even think of applying this outdoors. So i guess this product is also a dud like all the previous ones i used. Now i am using this on my foot and yes it does moisturise them but no glowing effect.



Whether I would recommend PATANJALI beauty cream

No i won’t strongly recommend this product. Dry skinned beauties can give this a try; also it is quite cheap and made up of natural ingredients. Oily skinned beauties run away from it.