Patanjali Coconut Oil Review

Patanjali Coconut Oil Review

Patanjali Coconut Oil Review

Heya ladies…!!

So as I had told you guys before in my post of Patanjali lemon and honey face wash, my next few posts will be dedicated to the products from this amazing national brand whose sales is rising at a rapid speed. Patanjali is a brand I trust and so am looking forward to try as many products I can from this line. Also as its ayurvedic, it does less harm to my hair and skin then other chemical infused products. So I trust this brand with products that I use daily like its Kesh Kanti Shampoo.

Our mother and grandma have always suggested us to use the Parachute hair oil for a very long time now. And all of us at some point or the other have used the Parachute oil, haven’t we?  But after using this coconut oil from Patanjali, I have switched my liking towards it more than Parachute. The basic reason being that this one is less sticky and stinky than Parachute. So let’s get down to its detailed review now.

Patanjali Coconut Oil
Patanjali Coconut Oil

Product description:

It’s made of pure coconuts & helps in the improvement of hair growth. Patanjali coconut oil is a double filtered coconut oil which is without any preservatives. Hence, good for cooking purpose as well.

Product price and quantity:

Rs 65 for 210 gm

Patanjali Coconut Oil
Patanjali Coconut Oil

Shelf life:

15 months

Usage instructions:

Take a generous quantity of this oil and massage it on the scalp and ends for 15-20 minutes. You can either keep it overnight or for an hour or so before rinsing off.


The oil comes stored in a white colored tall, flat bottle with a screw cum flip cap. The brand details are on the front with pictures of coconut and other relevant information about the product is given behind.

Patanjali Coconut Oil
Patanjali Coconut Oil


The oil has a runny oily texture. It’s clear in color and smells like coconut.

Key ingredients:

Refer the picture below for detailed list of ingredients and its proportion.

Patanjali Coconut Oil
Patanjali Coconut Oil

Pros of Patanjali coconut oil:

  • Multipurpose oil- can be used for skin, hair, cooking.
  • Nourishes the hair
  • Makes the hair shinny
  • Smells good
  • Lightweight
  • Unlike other hair oils, it is non greasy
  • At the price tag that its available at, it’s a steal deal for all
  • Decent quantity
  • Nicely nourishes the skin in winters
  • Goes deep inside the scalp and is easily absorbed
  • Acts as a good oil moisturizer for skin
  • Suitable to all skin types

Cons of Patanjali coconut oil:

  • The packaging is prone to leakage and also the bottle is very tall so no a good option for travelling
  • Available only at Patanjali outlets

My experience with Patanjali coconut oil:

Well I haven’t used this oil for cooking but tried it for hair and skin care. And trust me it works wonders on hair. My hair felt more healthy and shinier after its use. I always avoided using hair oil for the reason that it makes my scalp very oily and it’s a trouble rinsing off the oil. But this particular coconut oil is so easy to work with. I use it twice a week now and I can see the difference in my hair just after 4 uses. The smell is also pleasant and the scalp drinks the oil quickly.

Overall, it’s an amazing coconut oil to purchase.


As you can see the ratio of pros against cons, I will rate it 9.5 out of 10

Will I recommend this oil again?

Yes. I highly recommend this oil to everybody. It’s so inexpensive that giving it a try won’t harm.