PATANJALI kajal Reviews

PATANJALI kajal Reviews

PATANJALI kajal Reviews

Hi girls hope you all are doing well. Coming to the basics of makeup kajal is that one thing that every girl has tried and for some people kajal is like a basic necessity. How can I forgot those comments where people regard me with, are you ill? Or why are you so tired? , When I am not wearing my kajal.

Coming to the brand patanjali, I am in love with it after using some of their products, so during my recent visit I decided to try this herbal kajal.


Product Description of PATANJALI kajal

A safe and unique ointment formulation. Its special combination of precious herbs, vegetable oils & waxes helps maintaining & improving vision. No smudges and no smear.

Direction for Use

Apply gently between eyelids. In case of irritation wipe off with cotton and discontinue its use.

Shelf Life

24 months from the date of manufacturing.


Price & Quantity

Rs 90 for 3g.

Skin Type

No such specific skin type required.


Coming to the packaging it comes in a cardboard packaging with all the details written on it. I am so sorry I am not able to show you the pictures because it is somewhat spoilt. And about the main kajal packaging, It comes in a plastic twist and turn bullet format. The cap of the bullet shuts tightly, the only issue is that the plastic is of very low quality so it can break easily even under small amount of pressure so it is not travel friendly.


kajals are not supposed to be intensely  creamy neither very rough. This kajal scores full browinie points in terms of texture; it is neither too creamy nor rough yet glides on effortlessly.


Key Ingredients

Each 1 g contains (extracts of) Castor oil 300 mg, Almond oil 20 mg, Amla 0.1 mg, Harad 0.1 mg, Baheda 0.1 mg, Yashti Madhu 0.1 mg, Rasaut 0.1 mg.

Pros of PATANJALI kajal

  • Affordable.
  • Decently pigmented.
  • Lasts for 4-5 hours on waterline.
  • Easily available.
  • 100% herbal.

Cons of PATANJALI kajal

  • Can’t think of anything else apart from the thing that the bullet packaging is not travel friendly.
  • You can’t sharpen the tip.
  • Doesn’t not glide easily on the upper lash line.

My Experience with PATANJALI kajal

I am not much into herbal products as in I am not affected that much seeing the long list of chemicals, but just sometimes from that healthier perspective I love to try herbal products so this was one such buy. Coming to the pigmentation, it is quite pigmented, you get a light color in one swipe and for full color payoff you need atleast2-3 swipes. I like to use it on my upper lash line, it stays easily for 2 hours on my oily lids but thereafter it starts smudging badly and it gives me panda eyes, so I restrain from using it on my eyelids. Usually after using some kajals my eyes start to water but in case of this kajal it doesn’t happen also it gives me a cooling effect. Also I am easily able to remove it off with a mild cleanse.


4/5 minus for the packaging issues.

Whether I would recommend PATANJALI kajal

Yes absolutely. There are no reasons at all not to buy this one, you just can’t compare theses to colossal or eyeconic. But if you compare it to any herbal kajals available in the market it sure gives them good competition plus it is quite affordable and the quantity will last you long. So if you are into herbal products you can surely give this one a try.