Patanjali kesh kanti Hair Oil Review

Patanjali kesh kanti Hair Oil Review

Patanjali kesh kanti Hair Oil Review

Hey readers! As our personality is 80% influenced by what kind of hairstyle we carry! It really makes a BIG difference with the length of your hair. Hair growth(especially for girls) is the must! As you hair gives you confidence! If you have a heredity of having rigorous hair fall or early greying of hair at a very early age then you must become very cautious to take care of your hair. Today the product which I have got has provided my hair 100% results! This herbal oil (made with natural ingredients) all the way from patanjali series has really done a miracle to my scalp. Well, of you pick any product from this herbal brand I can assure you that you would never feel robbed! The products actually work really good on the body. Read through the article to know how it works!

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Patanjali kesh kanti Hair Oil
Patanjali kesh kanti Hair Oil

Product description

Kesh kanti oil from patanjali guarantees the nourishment and provide the lost strength to your hair roots. The oil is made with all herbal ingredients that will not let you hair fall any more. The oil is proven to stop and prevent graying of hair. The oil is also proven to recover the split ends or any kind of damage caused by the harmful chemical products. It also cures dandruff problems.

Directions for use

It is a good easily absorbent and non- sticky hair oil! Take some amount of the oil to your palm and then apply directly to your scalp. It is better if you divide your scalp in parts and then apply the oil all over you head.

Patanjali kesh kanti Hair Oil
Patanjali kesh kanti Hair Oil

Shelf life

3 years


130 rupees


The packaging of this hair oil bottle is really good. The nozzle hole is small so it helps me to pour out the reasonable amount.  You may also apply the oil directly with the help of this bottle as the nozzle pour out the oil drop by drop. According to the price the quantity of the product is less.

Patanjali kesh kanti Hair Oil
Patanjali kesh kanti Hair Oil


The oil after application is not at all sticky. It gets easily absorbed into the scalp. The smell of this product is also appreciable.

Key ingredients

All natural products are used.

Pros of Patanjali kesh kanti hair oil

  • This hair oil increased my hair length
  • This hair oil has reduced my hair fall
  • The product is travel friendly
  • Its non sticky and gets easily absorbed in the scalp.
  • Has given strength to my roots that provides less breakage

Cons of Patanjali kesh kanti hair oil

  • I still did not found any solution for my dandruff
  • The oil is costly if I see the quantity.
Patanjali kesh kanti Hair Oil
Patanjali kesh kanti Hair Oil

My experience with Patanjali kesh kanti hair oil

I purchased this product just because I wanted to change my hair oil “figaro” as it was not showing any results to my hair. Just after application of this oil I felt my scalp was really relaxed than before! As it is a oil so it has to be oily even after application. But it wasn’t like that. The oil went dry (or absorbed). I usually apply oil at  night and wash the other day! And in a week I apply it 3 times. So in this way just after a week I saw that my hair length has increased! Though I already have long hair but I want them longer so this product for me is just awesome. And not only length it even almost stopped my hair fall and provide my hair a good volume to grip upon. I wished that it could solve my dandruff problem also but it was a fail their.

But its ok for me! I just love this product!



Whether I would recommend this product again?

Yes! I will.