Personi Black Eyeliner Reviews

Personi Black Eyeliner Reviews

Personi Black Eyeliner Reviews

Hello girls,

How are you? I hope you all fit and fine. Monsoon has come to India, so bring out your umbrella to enjoy the monsoon. Many people don’t want to get out in the monsoon as they have tension for their make-up. But nowadays, waterproof product is available, so use it and enjoy the season. Now, lets come on the topic, that is the product review of Personi black eyeliner.

In my last blog, I had given you updates on the, which is perfect for daily use. Now, I am back with another seven seas product to know its feature in depth..Check out these categories-

Personi Black Eyeliner
Personi Black Eyeliner

Product Description of personi black eyeliner

Personi black eyeliner is comes in a small hard glass bottle, which provide extra shine to your eyes.

Direction for Use

Close your eyes and then on the lids of the eyes. Allow them to dry well.

Shelf Life

Approximately one year.

Personi Black Eyeliner
Personi Black Eyeliner

Price & Quantity

I got it as a gift from my friends at my birthday, so don’t know the price

Skin Type

It is suitable for all kinds of skins.


Personi black eyeliner comes in a small hard glass bottle. Its cap is made of plastic silver color. Black is the color of this bottle. It is a travel friendly product, you can easily carry it while you traveling.


The texture of Personi black eyeliner is in liquid form with a little shine and shimmer. It contains Vitamin E that nourishes  your eye lids. It will be there in your eyes for at least least eight hours, if you are not smudging or fading it.

Personi Black Eyeliner
Personi Black Eyeliner

Key ingredients

Not mentioned on the product.

Pros of Personi black eyeliner

  • It is easy to wipe off.
  • It is travel friendly.
  • It is smudge proof.
  • It is long lasting product.
  • It is easy to apply.
  • Neither too runny nor too thick.

Cons of Personi black eyeliner

  • Cracks up after a few hours.
  • Take more time to dry up.
  • Lack of water resistant.
  • In case it gets in the eyes, it burns sand causing redness.
Personi Black Eyeliner
Personi Black Eyeliner

My Experience with Personi black eyeliner

In on an average, Personi black eyeliner is a good product. I have used it. It works very well for me. Yes, it takes more time to dry out but, it gives me a charming look which I am looking for. As it suits all the types of skin , so everyone can use it.

Most of my friends asked me to show a live demo how to apply the Personi black eyeliner and it is really simple to use this product. As it is liquid eyeliner, so you need to apply it slowly, slowly.  Take a rough cloth or cotton,to clean the liner easily.

It has both the positive and negative part. The negative one is that for the specialist, they have to wait for a long time to dry out. And you are not allowed to move your eyes while applying it. The positive points are for the beginners who are still learning the best way to apply the eyeliner. Anyone can easily apply it.


7.5 Out of 10

Whether I would recommend this product again ??

Yes, I would recommend this product to use only on the upper lids part. This is the end of my post. Hope you like it. Makes me, know your thoughts and ideas with the comment box. Till my next post, you don’t forget to look ”Stylish and Spicy”.