Personi True Mascara Review

Personi True Mascara Review

Personi True Mascara Review

Hello girls.

How are you? I hope you all are enjoying monsoon. Mascara is one my favorite item. I always find new mascara to experiment with my eyes and this time I have bought Personi True Mascara. I had taken this mascara from a small market, and taken to my make-up drawer and one day, I was searching for something then suddenly I found this. I opened the packaging of this mascara and applied on my eyes. Now, my ready to give a quick review of macara.

Before this review, I had reviewed Ayur Herbal All Purpose Cream With Aloe Vera, work good for all the skin and has healthy ingredients and these are enough reason to use a cream.

We all desire to have a mascara, that makes our lashes look long and pop-up our eyes. These qualities you can get only in good mascara. You can judges the quality of the mascara with the wands of the mascara. Wands are the element that enhances the look of the eyes. The good wands is that wand which has the quality to grab and coat every last lashes of your eyes. You need a formula for your eyes that coat your lashes without any clumps and make your lashes appear to have good length and volume. Lets move on to the categories to judge Personi Mascara.

Personi True Mascara
Personi True Mascara

Product Description of Personi true mascara

With this mascara, you can get every look on your demand. It is able to give an elegant look with its curl memory formula.  It makes your lashes look bright and add fantastic volume to the eyes. It claims that it is smudge free.

Direction for Use

Open the bottle and glide on the lashes. First glide on the upper lashes then to the down lashes.

Shelf Life

2 years

Personi True Mascara
Personi True Mascara

Price & Quantity

Rs 150 apporx.

Skin Type

Goes with all skin type.


The packaging of the mascara bottle is very simple and has a sleek look. The wand of the mascara is similar to the wand of mascara. The cap of the mascara is in golden color while the whole bottle is black color.

The packaging of the mascara is good and I like the packaging, as golden is my favorite color. The combination of black and golden gives a different impact on the product. I think this combination is very common in cosmetic product.

Personi True Mascara
Personi True Mascara


It has fine texture, but sometime it does not glide on the eyes easily.

Key Ingredients

An entire list of ingredients is not present on the Personi  mascara. The ingredients it has are aluminum powder, propylene glycol , and retinyl acetate.

 Pros of Personi True Mascara

  • Available at cheap cost.
  • It makes your lashes look long.

Cons of Personi True Mascara

  • You can’t get this product on every shop.
  • Sometime clumps are formed
  • Brush is very small.
  • Full ingredients list is not available.
Personi True Mascara
Personi True Mascara

My Experience with Personi True Mascara

The Personi True Mascara makes your lashes look black, but does not provide any special effect in the eyes. I regularly use lakme mascara which puts a good impact on my eyes and Personi True Mascara is not able to give that look, which I got in lakme mascara.


6 out of 10

Whether I would recommend this product again:

It is not too good and so, I will not like to recommend it. This is the end of my review. Hope you like the content and keep rolling on the post to get the latest update and don’t forget to look “Stylish and Spicy”.