Pond’s Oil Control Talc Review

Pond’s Oil Control Talc Review

Pond’s Oil Control Talc review

Hey guys, Talcum powders are necessary for the hot and sweaty summers. It makes your skin  dry and provides a sweet fragrance. So today’s review is based on Pond’s oil control talc.  I have earlier tried freshness variant from the same brand. Let’s read on to know whether it was a good or bad deal. In my last review, I talked about benefits of Patanjali Tejus Tailum.

Pond’s Oil Control Talc
Pond’s Oil Control Talc

Product description:

Pond’s Oil Control Talc gives soft and smooth finish to the skin. It is skin friendly and provides soothing fragrance. The talc claims to contain advanced absorption molecules to take in excess oil and leave you feeling fresh and clean all day long. It provides sun protection with TPI- 60. The orange peel extracts and vitamin c will lend a fresh orangey scent. Pond’s has designed to enhance the beauty of the wearer.


70 INR for 100 grams. Though, many ranges can can be seen from 20 grams to 350 grams.

Pond’s Oil Control Talc
Pond’s Oil Control Talc


The talc comes in a plastic white orange bottle. Its covered by a white lid which  has to be dragged upwards. Three tiny openings is seen from which talc comes out. The key ingredients and instructions are printed on the back. The packaging is sturdy and travel friendly.


The texture is soft and smooth. The talc is in white color with a mild orangey fragrance.

Pond’s Oil Control Talc
Pond’s Oil Control Talc

Shelf life:

Two years from the date of manufacture.

Direction of use:

Take a small amount and apply wherever you feel sweaty.

Key ingredients:

Talc (Hydrated Magnesium Silicate), Calcium Carbonate, Tridecyl Salicylate,  Zinc Oxide, Polyacrylate, Phenoxyethanol, Methylparaben, Propyl Paraben, Niacinamide, Octyl Salicylate, Vitamin C, Citrus Sinensis.

Pond’s Oil Control Talc
Pond’s Oil Control Talc

Pros of the Pond’s Oil Control Talc

  • Nice orange peel fragrance.
  • The talc stood up to its claim for controlling oil from the skin.
  • Pond’s products are always affordable.
  • It is easily available in local shops.
  • It provides sun protection with TPI 60.
  • The packaging is good and travel friendly.
  • It didn’t cause any skin irritation.
  • Staying power was good.

Cons of the Pond’s Oil Control Talc

  • Too much application can lead to leave a whitish cast on body.
  • Presence of Parabens.
Pond’s Oil Control Talc
Pond’s Oil Control Talc

My experience with the Pond’s Oil Control Talc

Pond’s Oil Control Talc is an awesome product. I sweat a lot in summers and this talc comes as a savior. The consistency of the talc is neither too soft nor too harsh. The fragrance is mild and won’t be a problem for sensitive noses. The talc can be used on face, under-arms, around neck. Hence, a multi function talc.

The staying power was pretty impressive with around 6 hours. I applied in the morning and after 6 hours; I still smelled like orange and was oil free. The oil controlling factor made it stand out from any other talcum powders. The talc gives a smooth matte finish look on the skin. Oily skin when exposed to sunlight tends to open pores and which ultimately leads to blackheads or whiteheads.

Excessive application of the talc on face may lead to white cast, which can be a big disaster. Use a small quantity of the powder and rub it evenly. The long ingredient list of the talcum powder made me wonder about its usage. The ingredient that bothered me the most was presence of Parabens. Leaving this con, it’s a great product from the Pond’s with added sun protection.


4.5/5 (only thing I didn’t like was the presence of parabens.)

Would I recommend the Pond’s Oil Control Talc?

Yes definitely! Pond’s is an international brand which promise to deliver excellent products with a pocket friendly range.