ponds silk cream review

ponds silk cream review

Ponds silk cream review – How to nourish your skin

Hello Beauties,

Today I am going to review a ponds silk cream with lots of moisture. I think you all must have used this cold cream at least ones because it’s a nice brand and people are using it from years, I still remember my mamma use to apply this cold cream in winters, it provides you best quality in a quite reasonable rate. Ok so not wasting much time let us move forward towards the review of this product.

Product Description:

It’s a silky light  and non-greasy cream with lots of moisture content.

It nourishes your skin and locks the moisture inside for 24 hours.

Experience the goodness of silk in a luxuriously light cream that moisturizes from deep within and gives you soft and supple skin.

It contains silk extracts that leaves your skin soft and smooth to touch.

Do you remember there was a wonderful add of this product googly woogly woksh 😀 which use to come in winter, through which this product was very famous.

Ponds silk cream
Ponds silk cream


It comes in a nice elegant packing of box and from inside it comes in a small white colored plastic container, which is easy to carry anywhere in your purse.

Its container is quite small, compact and travel friendly.

I like its small and cute packing.

Staying Power:

Its staying power is 6-8 hours.

According to my personal experience it does not stays for a long time as the brand claims ,once you wash your hands with water the cream is also washed away and you have to apply it again and again .

But you can try it may be that it may suit your skin.

Ponds silk cream
Ponds silk cream


Its texture is smooth and creamy and is white colored silky cream.

It makes your skin looks beautiful and silky to touch after applying it.

It is not greasy or oily but very buttery and soft.

It remembers me of the Nivea soft cream which is same in texture and very light.

I just love these types of creams which give lots of moisture but you don’t feel oily to touch after applying it, instead it quickly gets absorbed in your skin and repairs the inner cells giving it a smooth finish outside

It is very useful in winter days when your skin become dry and we need lots of moisture.

Those who have oily skin can apply it at day time in winters and those who are having dry skin can use it as a night cream as it gives lots of moisture to your skin  making it look gorgeous.

Ponds silk cream
Ponds silk cream


Its price is Rs 40 for 30 ml.


I would rate this product 9 out of 10.

Pros of Ponds Silk Cream:

* Cute packing

* Trusted Brand

* Smooth and Creamy texture

* Very moisturizing

* Feels soft on skin

* Travel Friendly

* Cost effective

* Perfect for dry skin

* Nice light fragrance

Cons of Ponds Silk Cream:

* Staying power is not as good as brand claims

* Can be greasy for oily skin beauties

* Contains a lot of chemicals

Ponds silk cream
Ponds silk cream

Whether I will recommend this product again:

Yes it’s a lovely product I have ever used; it gives a lot of moisture to skin making it smooth and creamy.

It locks the moisture inside the skin for a long time. The only thing about it I don’t like is the quantity of cream is very less and the staying power the brand claims is not as truer. But overall this product is quite good. If you like this review just leaves a comment.