Primark Little Glow Cheek Block Bronzer Review

Primark Little Glow Cheek Block Bronzer Review

Primark Little Glow Cheek Block Bronzer Review

Hey my lovelies,

Hope you are all having an amazing day!!! Today, I’ll be reviewing an another product I own, it was given to me by my brother and was bought at PRIMARK!! Primark has the best stuff, don’t you agree?! I love everything from Primark, especially their make-up bags and clothes!! The fascinating part is, I didn’t know PRIMARK has their make-up line as well, until I came across amazing block bronzer called “LITTLE GLOW CHEEK”!! The shade is called SUNKISSED by the way!  The bronzer I asked him to send me was sold out, so he just sent me this and I’m glad he did.

I am going to list down a few products that are just as good as this Block Bronzer

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Primark Little Glow Cheek Block Bronzer
Primark Little Glow Cheek Block Bronzer


It costs 3.50 pounds! : P *BARGAIN*

Shelf Life:  

That hasn’t been mentioned on the pack!


Product Description:  

The product description hasn’t been mentioned neither on the outer case nor the original packaging!

Primark Little Glow Cheek Block Bronzer
Primark Little Glow Cheek Block Bronzer


I am head-over-heels in love with the packaging. It comes in a gorgeous pink and black packaging with Little Glow Bronzer written on the top and bottom has sun kissed written, with other details. It has a mirror on the inside, which makes it practical. The outer packaging was even prettier with pop-art, but sadly, I don’t have it with me. It had an animated lady over it, something like STREETWEAR packaging, but better! I absolutely adore PRIMARK when it comes to their packaging. I have another blush-bronzer duo that has the cutest packaging ever! 😀


It has a smooth texture and does not look chalky or cakey. It blends well too, but you need to be careful and start with a little amount of color and build it up.

Primark Little Glow Cheek Block Bronzer
Primark Little Glow Cheek Block Bronzer

Key Ingredients:  

I don’t like how the company hasn’t included the ingredient list!

Pros of the Little Glow Cheek Block Bronzer:

  1. The packaging. Very girly!!
  2. Bargain price for a bronzer.
  3. Can be used as a highlight, blush and eye shadow. *Love the Multi-functionality*
  4. Adds a very healthy glow, if used right.
  5. Pigmentation is really good.
  6. Staying power is decent for the price.
  7. Blendable.
  8. I Love the name! 😀

Cons of the Little Glow Cheek Block Bronzer:

  1. Availability may be an issue.
  2. Can look over the top if used in excess.
  3. Ingredient list not mentioned

My Experience With The Primark Block Bronzer Sun-Kissed

Color:  I am not really a bronzer person to be very honest; I feel it makes me look made up! But, I just wanted to own one!! The colors in the bronzer are different shades of brown, and vary from light to dark, from top to bottom. The very first color works great as a highlighter! I use this bronzer as a blush and trust me, it looks just fine! J It adds a healthy glow to my face.

Color Pay-off:  I don’t use this on daily basis, I wear it more for occasions and the pigmentation is IN-THE-FACE! 😀 It’s good, so you need to be very light-handed with the application. It can look overblown if you go overboard with it. . It does a great job as a highlight and a blush, looks something like NARS Taj Mahal, when used as a blush! Swirl the brush through all the colors in the palette and use it on the cheek, it looks great! It makes a good eye shadow palette too.

Staying Power: As mentioned, I only use it for occasions, it has lasted me pretty well for around 5 hours, which for the price is acceptable! I wasn’t even expecting it to last that long either, but surprisingly it did!



Whether I would recommend this product again?

I personally like it and would recommend it! I don’t say it is the best bronzer ever, but it surely is something you can have in your make up collection, because for the price, there’s nothing to lose! 😀