Pure Roots Kesar Cream Review

Pure Roots Kesar Cream Review

Pure Roots Kesar Cream Review

Hey lovely ladies, How are you all doing? It has been quite some time since I bought a face cream for myself thanks to the subscription boxes and bags, they keep on dropping sample sized products and keep me from buying additional skincare stuff most of the time. Yesterday, however, I did run out of a face cream to use and had to go out to buy a fresh face cream. I was looking for something that is travel size and is slightly on a creamier side to use at night time. Since at night, your face needs an extra dose of moisture to carry out the regenerative and repair functions. This cream I bought is kesar / saffron based. Read on below for full details..

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Pure Roots Kesar Cream
Pure Roots Kesar Cream

Product description:

The packaging of the product mentions a short and crisp description claiming that this product moisturizes your skin, protects it and adds a healthy glow. No tall claims.


INR 60 for 90 ml


It comes in a tub packaging with a rounded bottom. There is a lid in a fresh pack to prevent the product from spillage. The cap is routine that closes/opens on rotating. It is to be stored in a cool, dry place. I prefer storing my skincare products in refrigerator.

Pure Roots Kesar Cream
Pure Roots Kesar Cream


It has a moderately thick texture like that of regular cold creams.

Pure Roots Kesar Cream
Pure Roots Kesar Cream

Skin type:

Normal to dry skin.. That’s what I think as per the texture which is on a rih, creamy side lather than like that of a water based lotion.

Pros of Pure roots kesar cream

  • Travel sized packaging
  • additional lid to ensure hygiene
  • Creamy texture
  • suitable product for normal to dry skin types
  • Mild smell that would not bother sensitive nose
  • Absorbs fully into skin
  • leaves behind no stickiness
  • nourishes skin
  • did not break me out or irritate skin as such
  • comes at a very affordable price
  • full ingredient list mentioned
  • can be used as a hand cream too

Cons of Pure roots kesar cream

  • Not a very apt product for oily/ combination skin
  • since the packaging is tub like, you need to dip your fingers.. not something I prefer

Key ingredients

Aqua, glycerine, vitamin E, mineral oil, kesar extract

Pure Roots Kesar Cream
Pure Roots Kesar Cream

My experience with Pure roots kesar cream Pure roots kesar cream

I find it suitable for daily use purpose. I did not want to purchase anything too expensive since I am planning on stocking on some body shop products for facial skincare really soon. This seemed like an affordable bet for a couple of days. I am currently using it on my hands, feet as well as face after thoroughly cleansing my skin during night. It gets entirely absorbed into skin and is best applied on slightly damped skin. It does lead to a little greasiness on my forehead and nose after an hour or two of application but at night, it is not a problem as such. During day however, the greasiness might bother you. Again, I have a combination skin. Those with dry or normal skin would not face this issue. I am not a big fan of this cream but to my surprise, it worked pretty decently. It does hydrate skin nicely and that’s what I needed. I do not have to say anything about the kesar extracts doing any magic on your face as such and It was not expected from such a pocket friendly product, anyhow. I did not break me out and that is something I am hugely thankful for..


3 out of 5

Whether I would recommend this product again?

I can confidently recommend this to those who have dry skin and want to save some money on skincare.