Revlon Mini Matte lipstick Reviews

Revlon Mini Matte lipstick Reviews

Revlon Mini Matte lipstick Reviews “raisin matte” “673”

Hello ladies. Today I am going to review a small and handy lipstick for your beautiful lips. The name of the product is Revlon Mini Matte lipstick, shade name “raisin matte”, shade number “673”. Revlon is one of my favorite brands as this has never really disappointed me and I have not heard any bad feedback from anybody usinh their products. This lip color is really nice and “girly”, doesn’t let me look older or mature than my age. Still there is lot more to know about this cute lipstick, you must read further.

Revlon Mini Matte lipstick
Revlon Mini Matte lipstick

Product description

The Revlon Mini Matte lipstick “raisin matte” “673” claims to have a LiquiSilk formula that seals in color and softness of your lips.

  • This range of lip colours from Revlon comes in an all new arrays of fabulous ,dazzling fashionable shades
  • The lip colors are available in four finishes: creme, matte, pearl, and shine

Direction For Use

Roll out the lipstick and directly apply the color on your lips. You may apply a transparent lip balm after this if your lips tend to dry soon. Otherwise, I never find any need of applying a lip balm with this lipstick as it provides a good moisture to my lips. Within 2-3 coats you will get the desired raisin color.

Revlon Mini Matte lipstick
Revlon Mini Matte lipstick

Shelf Life

2 years


120 rupees. ( quite a pocket friendly one)


The packaging has nothing unique in it. Like every other regular lipstick it has a metal twist up bullet inside and a plastic red colored cap which tucks over the lipstick. The packaging is not so attractive but the size of the lipstick is! This lipstick is as big as your small finger. The product is travel friendly and the quantity is 2.5 g, which is really good in this price.


The texture of the lipstick is neither very smooth to apply. It’s normal, like any budget lip color. So, not a creamy one, in short.The color is soft and subtle. Staying power is quite well. Whereas the coverage is not so good. It has a average moisturizing properties. 

Revlon Mini Matte lipstick
Revlon Mini Matte lipstick

Key Ingredients

Not mentioned.

Pros Revlon Mini Matte lipstick “raisin matte” “673”

  • The stick is small and handy.
  • The price is pocket friendly.
  • Good quality.
  • Does not dry soon ( moisturize my lips well)
  • The color bullet is long enough. As I did not expected that it will be being such a small lipstick.
  • The matte finish in this size and price is awesome.
  • Good moisturizing longitivity.

Cons of Revlon Mini Matte lipstick “raisin matte” “673”

  • Boring packaging
  • Delicate plastic cap of the tube it breaks soon.

    Revlon Mini Matte lipstick
    Revlon Mini Matte lipstick

My Experience with Revlon Mini Matte lipstick “raisin matte” “673”

Well, I found this lipstick in my mom’s makeup kit! It was my farewell when I first used this lipstick. I really liked this color as it suits my fair complexion, I wanted a perfect fruity color and that’s what it is and it rather looked like a dark matte lip-gloss than a lipstick! Though it is not at all glossy but as it moisturize the lips for few hours(2-3).It appears like a gloss with creamy sheen. In all, the lip shade is super girly and cute, it is small and handy too but I do not like the packaging at all. As I like attractive products so this was not of my choice at all.

Revlon Mini Matte lipstick
Revlon Mini Matte lipstick



Whether I would recommend this product again:

Yeah, I will recommend. If the packaging of the lipstick doesn’t bother you then it is a good product to buy.