rimmel london long lasting lip gloss review

rimmel london long lasting lip gloss review

Rimmel London Long Lasting Lip Gloss Review:

Hello beauties,

Today I am back with a review on a new product that is Vinyl Glossy Voluptuously Shiny Lip Gloss. 

Product Description:

* Extra shine, long lasting and extra glossy.

*The evolutionary Extra shine Lip Gloss contains Marine Collagen and high-shine pigments that keep your lips full and hydrated.

Key Features:

* High shine pigments

* Marine Collagen

* Revolutionary Gloss

* Long-lasting which lasts up to 6 hours.

*Dermatologically tested.


Why you’ll Love It:

* Fall in love with Rimmel London Lip Gloss

* It gives you sophisticated color and shine from pure pigments.

* Luxurious feel from nourishing honey nectar.

Direction for Use:

* Use the wand to apply lip-gloss starting in the center of your upper lip.

* Work from the center to outer edges of your lips, following the contour of your mouth.

* Then glide across the entire bottom lip.



Its packaging is quite attractive and cool.

It comes in a sleek transparent container with a black plastic cap on it.

You can easily carry it in your purse anywhere.

It is made in England.


Talking about texture, it is so glossy, contains small glittering particles that makes your lips look wow.

Its texture is smooth that glides on your lips making it look perfect.

It contains little shimmery gloss that stick to your lips for a long time and would last up to 6 hours even after having snacks.

Talking about aroma it’s not up to the mark, just leaves a mild peachy smell.


Its shade is peach colored and shade no is 710 Born to Bling.

It shade is light with a glossy finish.

It just looks Muaaahh …. 🙂



Pros of Vinyl Gloss Voluptuously shiny Lip-gloss:

* Its Highly Glossy.

* Its Texture is smooth.

* It lasts up to 6 hrs.
* It’s having a Sleek Packaging

* It Suits all skin tones

Cons of Vinyl Gloss Voluptuously Shiny lip-gloss:

* Its little sticky

* It glitters a lot

* You can’t use it in place of lipstick.


I would rate this product 9 out of 10.


Its price is Rupees 100

Whether I will recommend this product again:

Yes, definitely I will recommend this product again because it’s a nice product for daily use and its packaging is also very convenient.


So beauties what’s say ,I think you should try this product ones ,I will not guarantee whether everyone will like this product as everyone may have its own choices regarding cosmetics. But I personally feel that this product is worth it, because I don’t think you will get a product like this in this range.so try it once and share your experience with you And if you like this review, please leave a comment.so bye everyone take care and have a nice week ahead. I will be back soon with a review on new products.