Rimmel London Thick Scandal Eyeliner Review

Rimmel London Thick Scandal Eyeliner Review

Hello beauties,

So today I am back with the review on an amazing product that is Rimmel London Thick Scandal Eyeliner that is black bold. Previously I have never been using eyeliners as I was afraid of its smudging ,but now eyeliner is available in pencil form which we can use easily to apply on eyes and there is no need to wait for a long time to dry it, infact it takes just few seconds to dry and it is smudge free so no tension of spreading and very easy to use and light weight so that you can easily carry it anywhere, ok so let us see how it goes.

Product Description:

Rimmel London thick Scandal Eyeliner is a black bold Eyeliner which is smudge free and of Size 2 means the size of tip which is very pointed and thin ,easy to use and apply, You can see it in the above picture.

An elongated felt tip eyeliner that draws a smooth line with an ultra-smooth stroke.

It is a fast drying formula that is essentially for bold captivating eyes.

It draws a deep, dramatic line along the lash line which won’t smudge for a long time.

It is medium Black color eyeliner without gloss.

Rimmel London Thick Scandal Eyeliner
Rimmel London Thick Scandal Eyeliner

Directions for Use:

The Rimmel London thick Eye liner should be thinner at the inner corners of the eyes and thicken as you work away towards the outer corner. To achieve this press lightly that is apply less force at the tip of the liner at the first then apply more pressure at the tip as you move outwards.


Water, Styrene, Charcoal powder, Sodium  Dehydroacetate, Citric acid, Pentylene Glycol ,Cellulose Gum ,Iron Oxidase, Alcohol, Phenoxyethanol.


Its price is Rs100/ per piece.

Staying Power:

It stays up to 8 hours without any smudge.

It is waterproof eyeliner.

It does not come out until you use make up remover.

Rimmel London Thick Scandal Eyeliner
Rimmel London Thick Scandal Eyeliner


Its texture is very smooth and it gives a dark black color in a single stroke. Its size is 2 and is quite thin and with pointed tip so that it becomes easy to apply. It does not break while applying and your eyes look big and bold.


It comes in a pencil shaped light sleek  cylindrical packing which is very light in weight and easy to carry anywhere in your purse.It comes in a black color packing which is very attractive and you can’t stop yourself from buying it. It is quite traveling friendly.

Pros of Rimmel London Thick Scandle Eyeliner:

  • It is cost Effective.
  • It is travel Friendly.
  • It is light weight.
  • It is in a pencil form with a felt tip which helps to make it easy to use.
  • It dries within a few seconds.
  • The liner does not sting the eyes.
  • It is waterproof and stays on until it is removed.
  • It does not smudge or fade for a long time.
  • The finish of the liner is Semi glossy.
  • The felt tip is soft so it would not heart you while applying.
  • It creates a smooth non streaky line after applying.
  • It gives your eyes a dark black and bold look.

Cons of Rimmel London Thick Scandle Eye Liner:

  • It is not available easily in all stores because still people use that gel bottle eye liner.
  • The only cons of this product are its shelf life is not more; it would dry within a month.
  • So next month you have to buy again a new one.
  • And if your Eyelids are oily then it would look little streaky, so apply a slight stoke with pencil underneath to prevent streaking.
    Rimmel London Thick Scandal Eyeliner
    Rimmel London Thick Scandal Eyeliner


I would rate this product 8 out of 10.

Whether I will use this product again:

Rimmel London Thick Scandal Eyeliner
Rimmel London Thick Scandal Eyeliner

No, I won’t think I would use this same product again, because there is a wide range of products available in market with different brands so I’ll like to try the L’Oreal Paris  Eyeliner next time as it is branded and not more costly. This product has disappointed me first time as it got dried very quickly, I must have used it only twice or thrice and the pencil is dried, when I picked it up to use fourth time it was totally dried and the stroke of line was light, so it is better to use eye pencil rather than this  according to my personal experience. Others must have liked it but this is my experience with this product but overall it is good you can try it once, so that it could add to your cosmetic collection.:)