Rivaj UK Glitter Eye Liner Reviews

Rivaj UK Glitter Eye Liner Reviews

Rivaj UK Glitter Eye Liner Reviews (Golden)

Hello beautiful ladies!

It’s been quite a while that glitters, pop up colours and reds have been raiding the fashion industry and make up industry equally. I totally love when it comes to adding glitz and glam in my formal and occasional avatar. And flowing in this disguise, I have collected a lot of glitter eyeliners. Since I mentioned in my previous reviews also that I love my eyes and doing things with it, and in doing ‘things with it’ I found this glitter eye liner from Rivaj UK. So today I shall be giving a review on this product and sharing my experience:

Rivaj UK Glitter Eye Liner
Rivaj UK Glitter Eye Liner

Product Description:

  • The liner has fine pigment of glitter that does not flake off easily.
  • Water proof to some extent.
  • Has good staying time and is smudge free.
  • Easy to apply.
  • It has got stylish packing.
  • Comes in many exciting colours with variety of both glitters and matte shades.

Directions for use:

The liner is very easy to apply as the glitter is in very fine form and has thick amalgam, it can be applied even in a small amount. All you have to do is to untwist the liner wand and take a fairly reasonable amount of liner on the wand and apply in small strokes on your eye line. It can be used the same way for applying thick liner or for creating a more glamourous look.

Rivaj UK Glitter Eye Liner
Rivaj UK Glitter Eye Liner

Product Quantity and Ingredients:

These are not mentioned on the product bottle.

Packaging and Texture:

The packaging of the glitter eye liner is very stylish and attractive. It has got a long silver cap over a fairly small and smart bottle containing air tightening rubber around the cap that does not let the liner dry inside the bottle. At the end of the liner wand are thin applying brush hairs, they are not of really a good quality so they start coming off the binding after some time. Texture however is great of the liner. It has got the perfect consistency for a glitter eye liner and you can easily control the amount of liner you want to apply. Often a single dip can be applied on one eye in one go and on both the eyes also in some cases.

Rivaj UK Glitter Eye Liner
Rivaj UK Glitter Eye Liner

Pros of Rivaj UK Glitter Eye Liner:

  • The glitter is very fine.
  • Does not get flaky and come off after applied.
  • Has got good staying time.
  • It has high shine.
  • Packaging is very durable.
  • Dries quickly once applied.
  • Smudge free.

Cons of Rivaj UK Glitter Eye Liner:

  • Gives too much shine.
  • The application brush hairs start falling off after some time.
  • Hard to apply fine thin line with it.

    Rivaj UK Glitter Eye Liner
    Rivaj UK Glitter Eye Liner

My experience with Rivaj UK Glitter Eye Liner:

Well my experience has been a mix of both, very good and disastrous. Yes disastrous! The liner is very good when comes to giving the best glitter shine, high shine and completing a good glamourous make up but not at all a good choice when it comes to applying for a subtle and less formal look. I don’t know why, but it just get applied too much! Then it’s the applying brush, it’s not fine enough and get you in trouble at times when you don’t want to overdo. But perfect for a hi-fi makeup magazine cover look. Perfect!


I’ll give 7 out of 10 to this product.

Whether I recommend this product or not?

No, I don’t really recommend this product for people who don’t go dolled up all the time however it could be of good use for professional and innovative makeovers.