Secret Temptation Body Spray

Secret Temptation Body Spray

Amazing thing I have – Secret Temptation Body Spray

Hello marvels,

I am a die hard enthusiast of flower prints, flower fragrances and botanical plans and I am always on a post for anything which has the connection ling of blossom in it so this time I was on a post for some new colorful fragrances. I discover perfumes to be somewhat substantial for consistently wear so I favor Deodorant’s yet again their fragrance ought to wait for 4-5 hours for them to meet all requirements for my every day use criteria. I purchase new antiperspirants after at regular intervals or something like that and this time I got myself Secret Temptation in the wake of seeing its notice on TV and listening to positive criticism from one of my closest companions. Accept me this is by a wide margin my best buys in this classification.


The items from Secret Temptation have been created to engage junior school young ladies. Thus, the brand conveys the qualities connected with this group of onlookers through contemporary fragrances in lively and alluring bundling.


It arrives in a light green fluorescent shaded aluminium can with a white transparent separable top at the top. It is truly travel well disposed and could be placed in the satchel and it won’t consume much room. Likewise the top is tight and it won’t fall off on its own so no stresses of spilling and so forth.


Throughout the previous few years, the whole has faithfully emphasized among-st the most 5 antiperspirants within the nation. It appreciates one in all the foremost astounding customer dedication and rehash stock the category. The whole in addition stretches out itself to perfumes and talc.

The spray is pleasantly composed, it’s removed in roundabout half at the highest to unite it with the fingers form and facilitate in pleasant solid hold. I even have ne’er been therefore content with the results of antiperspirants as I even have been with this one. It smells good of latest blooms.


The best part is the fragrance stays with you in excess of 5 hours. I put it every day to school and following 4-5 hours I feel the fragrance to be as crisp and as sweet as it is in the morning. I don’t put it straightforwardly onto my skin as I think there are dangers included in light of the fact that there are delicate parts around. I spray it on to the garments and its fragrance stays on the garments much after a day.



1. Solid and sweet fragrance which is very entrancing

2. The fragrance waits for very much quite a while.

3. Sensibly estimated

4. Travel amicable

5. Eye Soothing fluorescent green shade on the spread


The individuals who like gentle fragrances may not like it as they would discover it a bit solid


My Experience with This –This is suggest to me by a friend and truly speaking from that time i never thought to say by this.

My Rating for This – I rate this product 9 out of 10.