Sesa Hair Oil Reviews

Sesa Hair Oil Reviews

Sesa Hair Oil Reviews

Hii Folks…!!!

How you all have been? I am here, with a new review and this product review that I am going to write is very close to my heart, as I have been using this product since four to five years, giving a gap in between. The gaps in between was just because of the new products, which I have been using, replacing the new one.

Girlzz I am talking about Sesa hair oil, which is the best ayurvedic oil and it has helped me regain my lost hair and helped my hair growth too. So we go, with the review of this trusted and magical product….

Sesa Hair Oil
Sesa Hair Oil

Product Description

Sesa is a rare combination of 18 herbs, 5 nourishing oil and milk processed with ancient “kshirpak Vidhi” that helps in removing infections and nourishes your scalp and the roots of your hair. This medicinal hair oil prevents you from bacterial and fungal infection, headache and mental stress, it nourishes follicles and keeps away dandruff and lice from your hair. It is actually a power packed oil, which has all the good factors.

How to Use

Gentle massage on scalp and hair two to three times a week.

Shelf Life

3 years from the date of manufacturing.

Sesa Hair Oil
Sesa Hair Oil


198 INR for 180ml.

108 INR for 90ml.

Hair Type

For all kinds of hair quality.


It has a simple and sober packaging. The box of the Sesa oil bottle is a bit gorgeous. It is of shiny golden colour and the lady on the box with long hair, is eye catching actually. The white bottle has a red screw cap, which allows the bottle to stay intact and the liquid of the bottle does not leak. The back of the bottle has all the directions, a person would need while using the oil.


The texture of the oil is thick and it is not so sticky, like other oils.

Sesa Hair Oil
Sesa Hair Oil

Key Ingredients

Bhringraj, Manduka Parni, Jati, Gunja, Dhatura, Elaychi, Neelinee, Indravaruni, Jatamansi, Karanj, Neem, Mehendi Paan, Mandoor Bhasma, Rasot, Trifala, Akkar Kara, Vacha, Yashtimadhu.

Processed with per tail pack Vidhi with milk:

Wheat Germ, Lemon, Nili Oil, till, Sunghandit Dravya, Coconut, Quainazarine Green SS.

Sesa Hair Oil
Sesa Hair Oil

Pros of Sesa Hair Oil

  • This oil is not sticky.
  • It spreads easily.
  • It has natural herbs in it.
  • It helps in nourishing hair.
  • It really helps in growing hair on scalp, from roots.
  • If head ache, it helps in relieving pain.
  • It has a good smell too.
  • Price is good, according to the quantity.
  • It improves the blood circulation to the follicles.

Cons of Sesa Hair Oil

  • Actually I don’t have any cons about this oil.
Sesa Hair Oil
Sesa Hair Oil

My Experience with Sesa Hair Oil

I have been using this oil since four years. I have given gaps in between, while I have been testing some new oils for my hair. Not that I didn’t like this oil that’s why, but whenever I saw some new interesting oils, with new and trendy packaging, I took it and started using it, though it never satisfied me and again I got back to the square. I have always ended up giving new oil others and switched back to my Sesa. I just can’t think about any other oil, as whenever I use this, my hair stays in good condition and as soon as I switch, the hair starts falling.


I would happily give 4.7 out of 5.


I would recommend this oil to all my friends, who have been reading my reviews, as this the best thing, I have ever come through, rather than the hair packs. If you really want to protect your hair and want to have long hair, you should regularly use this, as it has visible effects.