shiso whitening night cream review

shiso whitening night cream review

The Body Shop –  shiso whitening night cream

Hi ladies!

Have you ever wondered what makes you look so beautiful? You might say, it’s you piercing eyes, sharp nose and wonderful smile that add to your charm and personality. It is true in way! However, let me ask you something. What is the common element to all the physical features of yours?  It is your skin I am talking about. Irrespective if your body complexion, your skin is what makes you look the way you are. You will be surprised to know, what people have been doing, which apparently seems to be bizarre, since the ancient time to take care of their skin and also to add that extra glow. Earlier, some few thousands of years ago, the concept of skin care evolved. The first ever mention of skin care treatment was found in ancient Indian Ayurvedic scriptures. These days, in the 21st century, all of these are available to you, readily available in packs. If you ever looked for the ingredients, you would find that they mainly constitute herbs and other natural products. There are innumerable brands available, which claims to be the best solution for your skin problems. May be they are. However, like everything in life, you would like to choose the best out of so many options!


What is night cream?

Night cream is something, which takes away all the germs and dirt which got accumulated in skin pores, gives you refreshing feeling and helps your skin to recover from all the hazards it had to bear throughout the day! Your skin heals and relaxes most at night, so not just any cream but a special night cream is needed to do the wonders to your skin.

In this article, I shall try and present a review of a product, a night cream to be precise that is certainly one of the best available in the market.

The Body Shop- shiso whitening night cream 

This particular brand of night cream consists of 99% of natural elements. 20% of the total ingredients consist of organic products. Only two or three small drops on your figure tip are good enough to nourish the skin of your entire body.  Here are some of the features of this particular product –

  • Packaging: – This night cream is available in a small, cute plastic bottle, which is very easy to handle. Easy to take the cream from the bottle and apply it using your finger tips.
  • Ingredients: – As mentioned earlier, this product is predominantly made of natural ingredients, which virtually eliminates the risk of any sort of side effects. Here are some of ingredients which are used to make this product:


a)      Glycerin

b)      Aqua

c)      Cocos Nucifera Oil

d)     Orbignya Oleifera Seed Oil

e)      Extract of Sambucus Nigra Flower  

  • Pros and Cons:-


a)      Herbal scent

b)      It is not oily

c)      It is not sticky

d)      It has a wonderful texture

e)      It is devoid of any parabens

f)       It does not contain silicones

g)      One bottle lasts for a long time 



The price you pay for one bottle seems to be a bit too high considering the amount of product it contains. However, best things don’t always come in abundance!


Go give it a shot and also let me know your thoughts on this product. 🙂