Simco Egg Protein Shampoo Review

Simco Egg Protein Shampoo Review

Simco Egg Protein Shampoo Review

A big hello to all the lovely ladies who read our reviews on makeup era regularly! I am here with a fresh review for you today about a shampoo that I recently started using. Actually, my mom got it from supermarket at a part of some super saver deal at a very affordable price. By chance, I had run out of my previous shampoo so, decided to give this one a try as I had to urgently go out somewhere. It faired pretty well and then I decided it deserved a review on the blog. After all, there are many Indian brands that go unrecognized as they cannot do full on marketing. This one is intact better than many high end shampoos available out there in markets. Read on to know more about this shampoo, below…

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Simco Egg Protein Shampoo
Simco Egg Protein Shampoo

Product description

This shampoo has egg protein extracts that gently clean your scalp while nourishing your hair from within. It strengthens hair making it look healthy and bouncy. It is enriched with additional hair conditioners to make hair soft and manageable.


INR 170 for 500 ml super-duper affordable na !!

Simco Egg Protein Shampoo
Simco Egg Protein Shampoo

Shelf life:

24 months from date of manufacturing


This Simco shampoo comes in a rather simple, no frills attached kind of pack. There is a plastic bottle with flip open cap and pasted labels that convey vital product information. It needs to be inverted and squeezed to dispense the product.


It’s texture is moderately thick like most shampoos. It is yellow in colour like egg yolk.

Simco Egg Protein Shampoo
Simco Egg Protein Shampoo

Pros of Simco egg protein shampoo

  • Semi transparent packaging that allows you to see quantity of product left.
  • Flip open cap makes it easy to dispense the product.
  • Nice smell that is captured by damp hair for sometime.
  • Small quantity needed for one wash
  • Cleans hair well and removes greasiness in a single wash.
  • Does not dry out my hair
  • Hair feels soft and looks really shiny.

Cons of Simco egg protein shampoo

  • Conditioner is must to close cuticles.
  • It does not check frizz completely.

Key  ingredients

Please refer the image below for detailed list

Simco Egg Protein Shampoo
Simco Egg Protein Shampoo

My experience with Simco egg protein shampoo

It is really good as a routine use shampoo. It is moisturising to hair and creamy probably due to presence of egg protein. I need a quantity equal to nearly two tablespoons for my hair that is roughly shoulder length. I find a single wash enough to remove oil and dirt from my hair if massaged well into scalp and hair. It is easy to rinse off and doesn’t leave behind any residue on my hair as such. It smells nice and fruity. It is important to follow it up with a conditioner if you want to check the frizz completely. All in all, a very nice product at a reasonable rate.


4/5.. I would have given it full marks if it also controlled frizziness totally

Whether I would recommend this product again?

Yes, you must try Simco egg protein shampoo with extra conditioner as this is one product that comes with decent quality and quantity. Indian small scale industry needs your support to and you get to saves so much money!!