smooth and flawless skin

smooth and flawless skin

Hello Gals….

Home remedies for smooth and flawless skin

As we all know that Besan or gram flour is the most common ingredient found in Indian kitchen. Our mothers and grannies used to say that Besan have remedy to our beauty problems. Though we have so many products in the market but home remedy is the only thing which gives 100 % satisfy result and natural beauty 🙂


Besan helps to remove dead skin cells and leaves your skin smooth and flawless. Besan rejuvenation Your skin and gives your skin a new life  using Besan face pack  regularly will make your skin smooth, beautiful and tighter. Since Besan is alkalizing in nature, you need to mix it with milk, yoghurt or lemon juice before applying on your face. It is an excellent exfoliating agent. Besan have whitening agents and for hair removal.


For brightening skin

You need besan mix with powered almond near about 4-5, add milk, lemon juice… mix all these things together and apply it for at least 30 minutes and rinse it with Luke water.. basen can be used as a natural tan remover for your face.. Try it &  it gives you beautiful flawless skin 🙂


For oily skin

Girls who are blessed with oily skin can mix rose water in besan.. This will give you smooth and oil free skin, This will help absorb the excess oil on your face. Another good pack for your skin is that you can add besan with yogurt (Dahi)… Yogurt will make your skin smoother  apply this pack for about 20 min and rinse off with water



For Dry Skin

Dry skin needs to be constant care. To get rid of dry skin this would the best face pack …to moisturize your skin you need to add a pinch of turmeric in Basen then add honey and some milk. This will make your skin hydrate and fresh apply this pack near about 20 min and rinse it off with Luke water


 For blemishes

To get rid from ugly blemishes, add cucumber juice in Besan and apply this pack for 20 min. remove your blemishes through natural way…  Besan when combined with other potent ingredients adds glow to the skin and lightens complexion. Besan can be used for all types of skin.


And yes have loads of water for smooth beautiful and flawless skin… 🙂