Stars Concealer Reviews

Stars Concealer Reviews

Stars Concealer Reviews

Hello people, today I’m going to review Stars concealer for you all. The story behind the purchase of this concealer goes like this way – I had my dance performance and unfortunately I forgot to carry concealed in my purse. My budget was not that high to purchase a concealer that would be of good quality and more prices too. My need was urgent and high so I decided to purchase a concealer which would cost me less and would save me from for my stage performance too. So I purchased Stars concealer which was a good deal when my pocket was less. Let me start the review for this product.

Product description

Stars concealer is a good product, I wound not say it is an excellent one but a normal one. I didn’t feel any special quality or effects with the product. It was comfortable on my skin for 2-3 hours but I felt the concealer made my face look more cakey and artificial. The product has some glitter particles in it, which adds some shine to your face too.

Stars Concealer
Stars Concealer


Direction to use

You can use any makeup brush to apply the concealer on your face. If you don’t own a makeup brush, don’t worry you can use your finger tips to spread evenly on your face. Rub few ice cubes on your face before you apply the concealer so that it last for some more time.

Shelf life

3 years


50 Rs


5 grams

Stars Concealer
Stars Concealer

Skin type synopsis

Not mentioned on the pack


It is comes in a small round plastic compact from which the colour of the concealer is available. It has ‘Stars concealer’ imprinted at the top and has nothing mentioned below the case. Ingredients are mentioned on the packing box with price and manufacture details. It is very small in size and can be carried in your purse.


It has a very thick texture and I found it a little difficult to spread it near my cheek bones and chin. It has some glitter particles which gives a perfect balanced shine on your skin. The colour shade of foundation is suitable for any skin tone as well.

Stars Concealer
Stars Concealer
Stars Concealer
Stars Concealer

Key ingredients

Petroleum jelly, Lanolin, Zinc oxide, Titanium Oxide, colour.

May contain –Candelilla wax, Cetyl alcohol, Castor oil, palmite, cyclomethicone, Methyl paraben, propyl paraben, Iron oxide and perfume.

Pros of stars concealer

  • cheap
  • gives a good shine on your face
  • closes your pores
  • travel friendly.
  • ideal for all skin tones
  • sweat resistance

Cons of star concealer

  • was not easy to blend with the skin
  • very thick texture
  • No special effects. It need more lasting power
  • not suitable for ladies with much flaws on skin

    Stars Concealer
    Stars Concealer

My experience with Stars concealer

As I mentioned why and how I brought this product. My experience was not so good neither bad with the product. It stays on your skin for 2-3 hours and is sweat resistant. Usually I can spot open pores near my cheek bones, but the concealer helped me with this, it reduces the size of your pores and close them well. The texture is a bit sticky and thick, so it was difficult to spread the concealer with ease. It gives a wonderful glow and shine to the face for sure. Stars concealer also suits your pocket when you have low budget or you are just hanged like me somewhere. You can just spend 50 Rs for purchasing the concealer and carry the product in your purse too.



Whether I recommend to use this product or not ??

If you don’t apply concealer and don’t have many flaws on your skin, you can surely buy this.