Streetwear Satin Smooth Lip color Reviews

Streetwear Satin Smooth Lip color Reviews

Streetwear Satin Smooth Lip color Reviews

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A makeup junkie can rarely keep her paws off a new product that catches her fancy.  Unfortunately, nothing can dampen my happiness than trying out a new product now and then and this is one such item that simply must be reviewed and shared. I had my doubts about the Streetwear Satin Smooth Lip color .  This came as a slight surprise due to its very neat end result. It gave me the pleasure of using it on a regular basis. The product is apparently available in a wide array of shades with crazy names like Pinkaboo, Sweet Raisin,Peach Glory, California Orange, etc,etc.  Always being a diehard fan of the lovely yet crimson shades, this particular carnelian caught my fancy and I decided to give it a try. A good idea however is to always try out every shade available to find the one that provides a good match to your skin and looks  because face it, how crazy would a dark skinned female look with bright orange lipstick? That would be a recipe for disaster. In contrast, a dark, maroon or red shades would do wonders for the face.

Streetwear Satin Smooth Lip color
Streetwear Satin Smooth Lip color

Product Description :

The Streetwear Satin Smooth Lip color, unlike its sibling shades, the rich and lustrous shades follows a more subtle quality. The somber pink tube of a moderate size contains the tube of lipstick. This classy yet sleek design enables an ease of use with efficient dexterity and no complications.

How to Use:

The  Streetwear Satin Smooth Lip color was designed to provide a more soft effect yet endearing effect on your lips. Expecting it to stay on for long or give a rich finish would be ridiculous because this product is designed for a normal, everyday use. Simply grip the tube and gingerly apply the lipstick on your lips, careful to get to the corners as well. Due to the broader edge, the latter may be a little difficulty. This however can be overcome by either using your finger or with the help of a tiny brush that can easily access the corners of your lips. A second coating would ensure a long lasting effect.

Streetwear Satin Smooth Lip color
Streetwear Satin Smooth Lip color

Shelf Life:



Rs. 225 per piece.


A cylindrical pink tube which is sleek and smooth, seems to form the general essence for every Satin Smooth lipcolor. So if you think you can identify the shade without pulling off the cover, good luck to you.


The texture of the lip color is, like its name, elegantly smooth, slides effortlessly along the lips and pastes its shade into every crook and niche. The subtlety of the color lets you use this for nearly every mediocre occasion like an outing or a day out. The lips seem to stay moist and hydrated with drying or chaffing which is the trademark of a lot of lip color brands.

Key Ingredients:

The ingredients used have not been mentioned in the pack.

Streetwear Satin Smooth Lip color
Streetwear Satin Smooth Lip color

Pros of Streetwear Satin Smooth Lip color

  • The variety of shades available based on the individual’s interest. 
  • Keeps the lips moist and perfectly hydrated for a considerable amount of time.
  • Reasonably priced. 
  • Its small size which makes it easy to simply pop it inside your pouch or bag.

Cons of Streetwear Satin Smooth Lip color

Maybe it’s the air but the lip color wears off after a few hours and lasts for an even lesser time when you eat. Frequent touch ups are therefore required.


Streetwear Satin Smooth Lip color
Streetwear Satin Smooth Lip color

My experience with Streetwear Satin Smooth Lip color

Despite the seemingly glowing review, the Streetwear Satin Smooth Lip color still does not compare to the quality of the products available in other brands like Maybelline or Lakme. The constant touch ups can be a hassle when you have a long day ahead of you. Also, the product doesn’t really last for a long time in its original state so that was a huge disappointment. The only asset was its beautiful color and tint of shine.




This product, on an average, was another passing cloud in the quest to test more emerging products. I don’t think I’d end up buying another shade in this brand though. It was simply too time consuming.  And that’s it for this one.