sunscreen for oily skin

sunscreen for oily skin

Best sunscreen for oily skin

Hey everyone I am back with the bang again with the most important product in summers especially for oily acne prone skin 
 most of us neglect shades , umbrella or scarfs and types of protection in the sun. Thankfully now we have suncote sunscreen with us to protect our skin from the direct rays of sun. I have tired loads of sunscreens earlier also but all broke me out and made me shiny ball in the sun but now finally I have Suncote sunscreen for a rescue yeahhhhh 🙂


Actually my real sister’s best friend told her about this product 
 so me and my sister thought to buy this product 
 we bought it only from pharmaceutical stores not from cosmetic store… little weird no huhh :/ but the best part is Suncote Sunscreen Gel was prescribed to me by my dermatologist and thankfully, it is is designed by specially who have an oily acne prone skin by Cu ratio with SPF 30.


Suncote Sunscreen Gel is available in pharmaceutical stores and has to be applied 15 – 20 minutes before sun exposure. It is not water resistant. The outer cover is shiny silver while the tube itself is baby pink. The Suncote Sunscreen is gel based, non-sticky, non-creamy, non-oily and pleasantly fragranced.


What product claims??

Suncote protects your skin from direct rays of sun…Manufactured by wonder products

Marketed by Cu ratio



100g net quantity for rupees 199

Key ingredients – Octylmethoxycinnamate,Triethanolamine, Avobenzone etc.


Best of Suncote

  • Works well with oily skin
  • easy to spread
  • does not irritate
  • mild fragrance
  • reasonably priced
  • non oily, non-creamy and non-sticky
  • spreads smoothly and evenly
  • A small quantity covers a large area


Unfortunately we cannot ignore this part

  • I will not work on dry skin after all it is meant for oily skin
  • Water washes  it away easily
  • You can only brought it from pharmaceutical stores but not in cosmetic stores
  • You have to reapply after every 2-3 hours and after swimming or napkin drying


My experience with Suncote gel

I love the cute and simple pink tube. It is so girly! It has a flip open type cap and it shuts tight. Very convenient to carry it into my handbag. It spreads quite easily on my skin.  The pink color gel turns into a milky white lotion like consistency and then it gets absorbed into the skin.  It is a very mild and pleasant smell that even the most sensitive nose will love! It also doesn’t make me sweat unlike most sunscreens and moisturizer, which makes my T-zone sweat after application. So overall i love this sunscreen gel! The Suncote Sunscreen is gel based, non-sticky, non-creamy, non-oily and pleasantly fragranced.


Direction for use:

Take sufficient quantity of suncote gel and apply liberally to cover the exposed areas. Apply suncote gel 15-30 minutes before sun exposure. Reapply suncote gel every 2-3 hours and after swimming or napkin drying. Avoid contact with eyes.

Keep out of reach of children

Store in a cool dry place. Do not freeze



I am going to repurchase it again… My mom loves it :* :* :*

I hope my reviews helps
 take care 🙂 ttaaaraaaa