Swiss Beauty Lip Balm Review

Swiss Beauty Lip Balm Review

Swiss Beauty Lip Balm Review

Hey sweethearts!! wassup, all geared up for the festive season that is just around the corner or not? Well, I guess girls are the most excited about festivals as it means new outfits, new makeup looks to try and lots and lots of gifts..right? May all of you have a wonderful time!! Well, coming back to today’s  review now.. I grabbed this product on pure impulse because I totally fell for it’s cute packaging. I am not at all disappointed with it, though. You sure need to go on reading about it for more details…

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Swiss Beauty Lip Balm
Swiss Beauty Lip Balm

Product description:

There is no product claims mentioned on this cute little thing apart from a small phrase that says, “special care for dry lips !!”


I got it from a neighborhood departmental store for around 7 bucks I guess, actually, I got a whole pack of this to distribute as a return gift for my niece’s birthday party so, cannot quote the price per piece.

Swiss Beauty Lip Balm
Swiss Beauty Lip Balm


This is the first thing that I noticed about this lip balm. It’s cap is shaped like a chubby looking pencil in Neon Pink colour. The cap closes with a click and although there is no special locking mechanism, it does not budge. The tube has a rotating mechanism just like regular lipsticks. The size of the lip balm bullet is average.


This one is tinted in faint Red and has a smooth texture that easily glides on my lips. It is just like Nivea fruity shine lip balms in texture. It is non sticky and does not feel uncomfortable to wear even in hot weathers.

Swiss Beauty Lip Balm
Swiss Beauty Lip Balm

Key ingredients:

sorry, none mentioned on the packaging

Pros of Swiss beauty lip balm

  • A very adorable looking packaging shaped like a pencil
  • The lip balm is an ideal return gift for teenage girls
  • The smell of this lip balm is fruity and sweet
  • the texture is nice and the balm is easy to swipe on lips
  • it glides smoothly on lips and hydrates my lips really well
  • it does help to control the dryness of my lips leaving them soft and supple
  • it has a slight Red tint that makes your complexion look healthy
  • affordable price

Cons of Swiss beauty lip balm

  • key ingredients are not mentioned on the tube so you do not know what exactly you are using
  • Availability of this brand is limited. It was sheer chance that I came across it.
  • Not for those, who like their lip balms to be without tints.
Swiss Beauty Lip Balm
Swiss Beauty Lip Balm

My experience with Swiss beauty lip balm

As it might be apparent from the pros and cons, there is no major complaint that I have regarding the quality of this product. It gives a fresh dose of colour to my lips and provides ample moisturisation to lips for a couple of hours after applying. Although, there are no ingredients mentioned on the product, I found absolutely no skin issues while using it. There was no itching or redness or any sort of irritation. I also observed no lip darkening as such.

I am not sure whether this product contains SPF or not as the ingredient list is entirely missing. The packaging as I have already mentioned is a real eye candy, user friendly as well as travel friendly. 


4 on 5

Whether I would recommend this product again?

Yes, if you can find it easily, that is. I found many lip glosses from the brand Swiss beauty available online but not lip balms.