The Body Shop Matte Kajal Review

The Body Shop Matte Kajal Review

The Body Shop Matte Kajal Review

Hello gorgeous

Kajal is something without which we girls just can’t do without. It is a must for us girls and is one of the beauty essentials. I like wearing kajal all the time. Even when I’m at home, I wear my kajal. But one problem that I face most of the times with my kajal is that it smudges very soon. So after a lot of research I picked up The Body Shop Matte Kajal. Want to know how it is? Read on.

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The Body Shop Matte Kajal
The Body Shop Matte Kajal

Product Description

The Body Shop Matte Kajal is a very different kind of a kajal. It is not the ordinary pencil or glide on kajal which is offered by the other brand. It is a kajal which comes in the shape of the kajal which used to come earlier. It is a smooth and very creamy kajal which may also be used as eyeliner. Since it is matte, the finish is definite provided you give it 10 minutes of time to settle down. It gives a wonderful finish to the eyelid.

Direction for Use

The kajal is very convenient to be held in the hand. The shape of the stick is such that just one stroke is enough for giving a perfect finish to the eyelid. You just need to draw a line over your eyelid or into your eyelid. 

The Body Shop Matte Kajal
The Body Shop Matte Kajal

Shelf Life

2 years,

Price & Quantity

Rs. 895 for 0.8g


The Body Shop kajal comes in a very different kind of packaging.

The Body Shop Matte Kajal
The Body Shop Matte Kajal


The kajal’s texture is quite smooth and creamy. Even though it is matte, it is not dry on the skin and it does not stick to the skin. Rather it just gives a smooth texture to the eye.

It’s pure black in colour.

Pros – The Body Shop Matte Kajal

  • Very good black color texture
  • Doesn’t smudge
  • Does not stick to the eye even though it is matte in finish
  • Waterproof to a certain extent
  • Very easy to apply
  • Long lasting
  • Packaging is quite user friendly
  • The finish is very smooth
  • Does not need to be sharpened at all
  • One stroke is sufficient
  • Can be used as an eye liner too 

Cons – The Body Shop Matte Kajal

  • The price is a little on the higher side

My Experience with The Body Shop Matte Kajal

As already mentioned kajal is something I can’t do without and I’m sure this would be the case with most of the girls out there. So Ii started applying this matte finish kajal. I will have to say that it totally fulfills the promise it makes. It gives a beautiful matte finish. The texture is thick but still does not irritate the skin and does not eve smudge. This is the best part about this kajal that it does not smudge. It lasts for good 6-7 hours. So overall I really like it.



Whether I would recommend this product again:

I will for sure recommend this product to others. Especially to people who are in search of long lasting smudge proof kajal. Most of the smudge proof kajal available in the market promise of being smudge proof but actually are not. But, this product completely lives up to the expectations people have from it. It is definitely a little pricey but then the quantity is good and just one stroke is enough for one time. So it would last for a long time.