The Body Shop Shea Body Scrub Reviews

The Body Shop Shea Body Scrub Reviews

The Body Shop Shea Body Scrub

Hello Girls!

Today I’ll review on The Body Shop Shea Butter Scrub. I’ve been longing for an effective scrub since long time. And finally my eyes met Shea Body Scrub whose ingredients tallied well with the types I was hunting for so long.

Product Description

  • Exfoliating salt grains and organic sugar clear away the dead skin renewing it. Base of this scrub is moisturizing oil-based cream diffusing out a pleasant odor.
  • Works wonder for dry skin. But suits all akin-types.
  • This is available online too.

    of The Body Shop Shea Body Scrub
    The Body Shop Shea Body Scrub

Direction for use

A small quantity of it is enough to be smeared on your body. Taking excessive is just a waste because even small quantity of it shows remarkable effect. Try using it twice a week to clean the dirt accumulated on your daily-exposed skin.

The Body Shop Shea Body Scrub
The Body Shop Shea Body Scrub


A round-butter colored container filled up with scrub up to its neck. An open able cap tightly fixed via neck-threads. With all the essential info displayed on it makes it a consumer-friendly product.


This white-shaded scrub, optically glossy and oily when touched leaves behind the same sensation. Salt gains in it transmit a rough and coarse feel while smearing it with your fingers.

Key ingredients

  • Community Trade Shea butter has antioxidant vitamin A and E to provide nourishment to skin.
  • Community Trade organic soy oil enriched with fatty acids paves a skin barrier like layer to prevent moisture escape.
  • Community Trade organic sugar and salt grains are the scrubbing agents to exfoliate your skin.
    The Body Shop Shea Body Scrub
    The Body Shop Shea Body Scrub

My experience with ‘The Body Shop Shea Body Scrub’

The foremost thing which kept my pupil immovable was its gloss and translucency which otherwise is missing in the ordinary scrubs. The moment cap untouched its neck, so pleasant buttery smell imprisoned   until then was released, rejuvenating the atmosphere around. The scrub when applied on body gave my skin-tone a new feast. Usually, scrubs are abrasive in nature but surprisingly, this one was very gentle and tender to skin without the rashes as complementariness, which so long had been the outcome with other scrubs. And dry-skinned people mark my words that dry skin can never be so blessed as with this product. Where normal scrub-rub is followed by moisturizing lotions, the Shea butter body scrub needs no follow-up as it’s by nature is dualistic. Having seen my last winter season so blissful to skin, I’ve fixed upon my mind to keep it a permanent partner.

The Body Shop Shea Body Scrub
The Body Shop Shea Body Scrub

Pros of The Body Shop Shea Body Scrub:

  • Nutty and buttery smell is subtle and pleasing.
  • Winters would pass lotion-free due to its pretty-good moisturizing aftermath.
  • Active ingredients in it traverse deep inside skin washing out the dirt from every layer.
  • Granules in it are not abrasive but soothing.
  • Skin gains vibrancy and refreshment lost in the tiresome daily-routine.

Cons of The Body Shop Shea Body Scrub:

Since the base is oil, it takes a little time to get it washed out along with water that easily. Otherwise, I personally don’t find any drawbacks. But then it necessarily doesn’t leave behind the same expression to others as well.

Price: 1040 INR


Butter appeals our taste-buds while Shea butter scrub cleanses our every overlapping skin layers thoroughly. The Body Shop Shea Butter is a sheer delight to your body. People will stare, then why not make that stare worth with the Shea Butter Body Scrub!

Rating: 4.5/5