Top 5 brands to fetish your lips

Top 5 brands to fetish your lips

Top 5 brands to fetish your lips

Indulge yourself with five most luxurious lipsticks of the world! I have collected these since by womanhood started.

Elizabeth Arden



Elizabeth Arden’s Beautiful Color Moisturizing Lipstick ($25) is a new product which has been made specifically to keep your lips baby soft and creamy smooth.  Its moisture enriched pigments inside provide not only beautiful hues but adequate hydration as well. These are formulated with Elizabeth Arden’s own Volulip that helps seal in the moisture and give your lips that firmness, while maintaining texture and imparting a level of silkiness that was previously unheard of. It’s actually not as slick as one would expect a hydrating lipstick to be but has a very soft, buttery texture that feels incredible on the lips. The longer I wear it the nicer my lips feel after!

Christian Dior




Lipstick has been woman’s friend in glamour, her partner in desire and her support in obsession. Christian Dior’s Addict lipstick has been the ultimate fashion accessory of the emancipated woman. Provides shades that produce a distinct catwalk effect! Glitzy Teases your imagination with a moist and wet look, augmented by an ultra shine that’s sexy, and sensual at the same time. Its new formula is a high shine one, with 25% less wax than its contemporaries, and a special reflecting gel that actually twinkles if you look long enough. It results is transparency, an intense lip plumping effect, enhancing the natural hue of your lips.

Lancome – L’Absolu Rouge Lipstick



It’s one of those high end lipsticks. Expensive & Sophisticated! Something likes a guilty pleasure, but much, much more. I adore this lipstick, but like others have said its way too expensive for what you’re getting –ultra polished lips yes, but quite little value for money, considering that that they aren’t as long lasting as you’d like them to be. Otherwise this lipstick is perfect. I have it in the color Pale Petal and it’s such a cute, flattering shade that I can wear it every day. Feels really great on the lips too, like a balm.

Avon Perfect Wear All-Day Comfort Lipstick SPF 12





I’m on my third of perfect wear lipstick this is one of Avon’s best lipsticks (Second being Glaze Wear). I have finally found my lipstick soul mate in Sunset Rose. It’s matte, yet creamy, does not feather or stain and stays on for a very long time. This is the very first lipstick i managed to finish so you might call me biased, but this something I just can’t do without.

Maybelline Moisture whip



Long lasting, Smooth, silky smooth! Its rich and creamy texture can stay on up to 8 hours while its triple conditioning formula keeps your lips soft. You don’t have to worry about smudging or painting in between the lines, as it has a smaller angled tip than other lipsticks, allowing it to be applied more easily, that too on very thin lips. It’s a shame that it has been discontinued because most women don’t want to let go of it once they have gotten a taste.

Let me know what you think 🙂 🙂