trendy key chains

trendy key chains

Pocket full of Key chains: An all-purpose affair

Key chains, Key chains, KEY CHAINS! I don’t know why I have such a huge fetish for them, but I just got to buy one whenever I see them. I get bored with them pretty soon, or wear them out soon enough, which is why I can justify it to myself when I buy another one. They make for great accessories too. You can even match your bracelets and necklaces, if they are of the same origin.


A basic key chain consists of a metal ring or hoop that holds together everything else. A decorative fob is connected to this by means of another ring. These rings are what hold the keys together. The fob can either be decorative or utilitarian. The fobs are generally discs of plastic or metal and have a decorative logo. The word fob may be linked to the low German dialect for the wordFuppe, meaning “pocket”, however, the real origin of the word is still uncertain


These days, key chains have become powerful tools of advertisement and marketing. If you’ve ever received one for free after making a hefty purchase at some local store, I am sure you know what I am talking about.


Recently I picked up this one up from Delhi.  It has that distinctive Bohemian origin look about it, complete from the beaded fob, with a metal framing to the leather strap linking it to the actual key ring. It’s unique to say the least. Though it looks very flimsy, and frail to boot, unless you pull it apart by tying it to two trucks moving in opposite directions, it will hold your bunch of keys without any problem. You can rest in peace. Oh and yes, did I mention that you can match these with danglers you can buy from the same store? And yes, there are necklaces like these there as well.


Why key chains are so popular is because you can gift them as souvenirs to anybody you want. These are key chains that represent a trip or a location that a person is visiting. They do not scream commitment issues, nor do they say that you like pinching pennies but are still attractive, unique and useful.And yes, very cheap, especially when you have to buy in bulk. Oh and yes, if you’re the kind of person who always misplaces his/her keys, maybe having something heavy attached to them can help you keep track of them. And should they ever fall off from your pocket accidentally, it will be far easier to know and fell it.An electronic key finder is also a useful item found on many keys that will beep when summoned for quick location when misplaced.


I just added this one to my considerable collection. While it’s not huge enough, and never will be, according to Guinness World Records, Brent Dixon of Georgia, United States currently holds the world record for the largest collection of key chains, at 41,418 non-duplicated ones.