Vadi Lemon Face Wash Reviews

Vadi Lemon Face Wash Reviews

Vadi lemon face wash Reviews

Helloo Girls…!! I hope I am not too late to review about this face product! Well, this is a normal face wash like you use any other face wash. The results of this face wash were more than a usual one. First of all this face wash is made from all the natural ingredients and do not contain any chemical content. I always prefer for those products that would not have much of the chemical content you can also refer for my previous articles in all the articles I have mostly recommended such products which are not chemical based. This face wash from “VADI” is a pure lemon face wash. So you do not have to spend much of the money to get a pure lemon face wash. Well there are many other Ayurvedic face wash available in the market but still this one is better due to many reasons that you are you going to read further.

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Vadi Lemon Face Wash
Vadi Lemon Face Wash

Product description

  • Vadi brings you a perfect cleanser for all skin types. It rids the face of excess oil while insuring that it doesn’t dry up.
  • Lemon’s acidic nature breaks down the excessive oil molecules and unclogs the pores thus fighting acne breakouts and blackheads.
  • Honey natural humectants keeps the skin hydrated and also fights acne. The jojoba seeds provide non-greasy moisturizing.

Direction for use

Use it as any other face wash that we use daily. just Dob some amount on your hand apply it on a wet face. Massage your face a bit. Let the orange Smell soothe you up. Then wash it off with a wet towel or directly by water.

Vadi Lemon Face Wash
Vadi Lemon Face Wash

Shelf life

Three years


Well I love the pricing it’s just 54 rupees


The packaging is not so attractive but it is good to use and store it for a long time. On the face wash comes in a plastic white colour bottle and has a Flip Cap on it this cap tucks tight on the bottle to prevent leaking. The bottle it is kind of a squeeze bottle to give you an ease to pull out the desired amount of the face wash.

Vadi Lemon Face Wash
Vadi Lemon Face Wash


The face wash is gel based and is a kind of a transparent kind of the Texture to the face wash is easy to apply. The texture or you can say the ingredients are such that it does not let my face dry after the wash.

Key ingredients

Vadi Lemon Face Wash
Vadi Lemon Face Wash

Pros of Vadi lemon face wash

  • Its cheap don’t have to spend extra for normal face wash so this is the one which you need for the summer
  • Deans mill harmful content
  • Has orange flavour or orange smell in it
  • Is the gel based face wash
  • Gives a refreshing effect
  • Due to the lemon content it removes tanning also.

Cons of Vadi lemon face wash

  • The packaging is not so good.
Vadi Lemon Face Wash
Vadi Lemon Face Wash

My experience with Vadi lemon face wash

The face wash has been quite a good product that i can recommend it to all! The face wash has lemon content in gel form which is really effective in removing the dark tan patches out of my skin! Also, the face wash is made out of good and healthy ingredients that provide my skin a natural glow! The product’s awesomeness does not end up here as the gel based face wash are mostly demanded in summers and this one is having that property!  The gel consistency provides my skin a smooth wash experience and a refreshing after effect. The gel lemon face wash from “vadi” is a good product indeed!



Whether I would recommend this product again?

Yup! It’s a good budgeted and effective product.