Vega Makeup Brushes Review

Vega Makeup Brushes Review

Vega Makeup Brushes Review

Hello people!

We all love our makeup, but as important as make up is so are the tools that we use to apply them. Vega is a brand which in my view as always been very detailed with all its products and maybe that is why I could not stop myself from getting hands on this really amazing set of makeup brushes. My today’s review is on Vega Makeup Brushes. This is a set of seven brushes, covering from your eyes, lips to your face.

Each of the brush is great in both use and quality. It makes a complete set of the most important tools that one requires for a makeup. They are-

  1. Blush brush
  2. Eye liner brush
  3. Eye shadow brush
  4. Lip liner brush
  5. Eye groomer
  6. Eye applicator
  7. Lip filler brush

Vega as a company has always been very innovative and that is the sole reason why I liked it. I am very glad that I came across this product because it made the whole idea of applying makeup so much more fun and easy.

I am going to tell you loads more about this product and also give you an elaborate description about each of the brush but before that let’s check out another product that I reviewed recently. This one is called the Lotus Herbals Frujuvenate Skin Perfecting and Rejuvenating Fruit Pack. It’s a great face pack and you could read all about it by just clicking the link above.

Happy reading!

Vega Makeup Brushes
Vega Makeup Brushes

Product Description of Vega Makeup Brushes

It is a set of 7 Makeup brushes which are both unique and essential and which meet the makeup requirement of all. These brushes are easy to carry and can be used to refresh your look, quick touch up and application of makeup.

  1. Blush Brush – the brush is ideal for correct pickup and blending of the powder. Special shape allows smooth and even application of powder. Apply blush with the brush on the apple of the check. Gently alternating between circular motions and stroking outwards.
  1. Eye Applicator – the sponge brush is used to apply color on the eyes. Recommended one individual applicator for each colors. Take some shadow on the applicator and gently apply it.
  1. Eye Shadow Brush – this brush is idea for applying powder shadow. To show even distribution always use different brush for different colors. Use different brush for shading and highlighting. Take some shadow on the brush, with gentle, sweeping movements apply shadow to the eyes
  1. Lip Filler – This brush is an ideal accompaniment to lip stick and lip color. Perfect for filling color equally. Take some lip color on the brush, hand steady, and gently outline the edges of your lips from midpoints towards corners with the tip of the lip filler brush. Then gently sweep the center of the lips.
  1. Lip Liner – this brush is ideal for defining the outer lip lines. Vega lip liners are carefully crafted to enhance the beauty of the lips. The hair is firmly tufted together for facilitating fine application of a clean, neat line without any hair separation.
  1. Eye Liner – this brush is ideal for applying liquid eye liner. It makes the application so much easier. Take some liner and apply a neat and clean line across the eye.
  1. Eye Groomer – this one is mainly for the eye lashes .use the comb to groom your eye brows and separate your lashes. 
Vega Makeup Brushes
Vega Makeup Brushes

Price & Net Quantity

INR 385; 7N


The brushes come in a black smart stand (it’s classy).

Vega Makeup Brushes
Vega Makeup Brushes
Vega Makeup Brushes
Vega Makeup Brushes
Vega Makeup Brushes
Vega Makeup Brushes
Vega Makeup Brushes
Vega Makeup Brushes

Pros Vega Makeup Brushes

  • Easily available
  • Good price
  • Great quality
  • Very useful

Cons Vega Makeup Brushes

  • None for me!

My Experience with Vega Makeup Brushes

I loved this product. It super useful and easy!



Whether I would recommend this product again:

Yes! Yes!