VLCC Black Kajal Reviews

VLCC Black Kajal Reviews

VLCC Black Kajal Reviews

Hi Girlsss…!!!

Recently I have hauled many products from VLCC, and this is my second favourite product from the brand. I have brought VLCC black kajal to be reviewed today which is enriched with liquor ice and camphor. The reason I picked up the product and added to my cart instantly because it is totally made out of natural oils and would be safe to be used on my eyes. It glides perfectly on your beautiful eyes and make them attractive too with good lasting power. Let’s check out in detail about the goodness of the kajal and how it treated me.

VLCC Black Kajal
VLCC Black Kajal

Product description

I still remember camphor was used in olden days in making of kajal at home, I felt really relaxed after knowing the kajal is enriched with camphor and also liquor ice. It is completely smudge free and water resistant too. I am using the kajal for daily basis whether I’m just sitting at home, going around for a city walk or discovering my long tours , the kajal stays comfortably on the eye for more the 5 hours. It has a good quotient of black in it and also relaxes you eye.

Direction to use

Pick up the kajal and start it from the middle of the inner eye rim and slowly proceed towards the edges. If needed coat it again with the kajal to get perfect black on your eye.

VLCC Black Kajal
VLCC Black Kajal

Shelf life

3 years


55 INR


It got the kajal packed in a plastic and paper cover up which is completely black in colour with VLCC kajal written in bold letters. After you break the plastic seal, you get a small sized kajal which is 1 gram in weight. The kajal comes in a black case with brand name imprinted on it. The upper quarter portion of the case is plastic through which the nib of the kajal can be easily visible.

VLCC Black Kajal
VLCC Black Kajal


The texture is absolutely smooth which glides easily on the eye and is light on application. There is always a risk to apply kajal in the inner rim, as you fear the kajal may poke your eye but it is safe even if sometimes it happens to hit the eye. The kajal does not break out on application and even stays for quite long.


Triphila, Liquor ice extracts, camphor and almond oil

VLCC Black Kajal
VLCC Black Kajal

Pros of VLCC Black Kajal

  • Made out of natural oil
  • Cheaper
  • Good quotient of black
  • Smudge free
  • Relaxes and soothes the eye
  • Water resistant
  • Good staying power
  • Doesn’t fade away easily
  • Travel friendly
  • Attractive eyes

Cons of VLCC Black Kajal

  • I felt the need to reapply
  • Needed some gloss to be added
VLCC Black Kajal
VLCC Black Kajal

My experience with VLCC Black Kajal

My experience with the product is good, being using it for last few days on daily basis. The camphor and the triphila used in making of the kajal help to keep your eye infection free and also improve the eyesight. After application you don’t feel any burning sensation nor your eye stars watering. As I mentioned earlier it has a good staying power for more than 5 hours, after which it stars fading slowly. If you need you can reapply the kajal again and it will stay perfectly again on the eyes. The size of the kajal is small with 1gm of kajal in it, which is quite sufficient and would go long way, this also makes it to be travel friendly hamper. The kajal gives you a perfect matte finish look, and does not does not break out on application. You can get a good thick line of your eyes with just a single strike of it.



Whether I recommend this nor not

Definitely yes, this is among those products which protects you eye and make them look attractive at the same time.