Vogue Charm BOB Lipstick 01 Reviews

Vogue Charm BOB Lipstick 01 Reviews


 Heyy Girls…!! 🙂

Vogue charm bob lipstick (pink) is a classic, matte and gorgeous collection of vogue charm. I bought it a few years back and still bare a strong fondness for the product. The lipstick has got a chic, sophisticated and a unique pink to it. I found it perfectly suitable for wearing on formal gatherings because of the classic matte texture it has got. When the favorite red color you got just simply won’t go with that elegant dress of yours because of it sporting, bright nature, this pink is the choice for you. This pink is soothing, comfortable and uniquely subtle on the lips. Following are some of its qualities that are simply outstanding:

Vogue Charm BOB Lipstick 01
Vogue Charm BOB Lipstick 01

Product Description:

Vogue charm bob lipstick effortlessly leaves off a perfect layer of uniqueness and will just make you stand out from the crowd. And these qualities are quite fascinating:

  • Nurtures lips to keep them smooth, supple with ultra-hydrating omega 3 and other agents
  • Natural, exquisite pigmentation
  • Complete protection from moisture loss, dryness and arid result
  • In addition to these lifesaving nourishing ingredients, the formula of the product has been enriched with argon oil
  • Argon oil has been added to give a little bit of luster and glow to the texture of the lipstick, making it a adorably lustrous despite of being matte, creating long lasting staying power and keeping lips moisturized and healthy.

These excellent qualities, I must say are very therapeutic that very less lip products consist of. The presence of argon oil gives a shiny, soft appearance to the lips on application and helps in storing moisture therefore making it healthier and livelier.

Vogue Charm BOB Lipstick 01
Vogue Charm BOB Lipstick 01


  • Aroma
  • Synthetic beeswax
  • Aluminum Borosilicate
  • Silica
  • Titanium dioxide
  • Pink color pigmentation


$5 per 1.5g package.


The packaging of the bob lipstick is very impressive and creative. With a segmented silver, lustrous body fitted with a twister to release off the solid, gorgeous body of the lipstick itself; shackled by an another dark grey, shiny segmented cover with BOB lipstick written in bold and horizontally on the cover. The top of the cover also has a conical segmented shape making the body of the package even more impressive. The package is think very occupying, classic and self-advertising, which is a very important aspect that every product should possess.

Vogue Charm BOB Lipstick 01
Vogue Charm BOB Lipstick 01


The texture is sleek, sheer and a bit glossy and just spreads on like a layer of pink perfection. This vogue charm bob lipstick glides smoothly without any pulling or tugging at lips but is not buttery soft that will melt on lips like Maybelline Moisture Extremes. Texture is non-greasy, non-glittery and consists of a very unique, elegant glow that matte textured lipsticks do not usually consist of. I may conclude by saying that texture of the lipstick is quite amazing, and gives off an appearance of sophistication and comfort.

Pros of  Vogue Charm BOB Lipstick 01 :

  • Nourishing ingredients
  • Could possibly a substitute for lip balms if you need more pigmentation
  • Non-greasy and soothing matte texture with that heart keeping glow
  • Creative, self-advertising robust packaging
  • Addition of the argon oil
  • Lasts for up to 4-5 hours(without meals)
  • Opaque color pay off in just two 1-2 swipes
  • Natural pigments and agents
  • Number of different, unique shades to choose from

Cons of  Vogue Charm BOB Lipstick 01 :

  • Less availability in the market place

    Vogue Charm BOB Lipstick 01
    Vogue Charm BOB Lipstick 01

My Verdict:

Well, I am not a fan of lip colors and hardly ever get impressed but this lustered and matte textured lipstick, I think is utterly phenomenal. The color of the product might be very much based on the skin tones and suit perfectly over fairer skin tones and not so compatible with medium skin tones. Any ways the product is quite worth a try.

Would I Recommend?

As I just previously mentioned, it is very skin tone restricted but it also have some really qualitative features, so you probably want to give it a try.