VOV Hi Tech Eyeliner Reviews

VOV Hi Tech Eyeliner Reviews

VOV hi tech eyeliner Reviews-  For professional makeup artist.

Hello girls…!! A single stroke of eyeliner changes your look to 360 degrees. Isn’t that true? I am a person who buys all kinds of brands and of all ranges I always really upon the usage and the quality the product is offering. The same happened with this VOV hi tech eyeliner. It is really good to use. As far as my experience says mostly eyeliners gets dry within 4-5 months on a regular use. And usually these cost you above 150 rupees. But when you can get a product with same life in just 60 rupees is just amazing! Yes, this eyeliner cost so less and is almost equally good to use. Please read further.

VOV hi tech eyeliner
VOV hi tech eyeliner

Product description

VOV hi tech eyeliner is a product to go with when you want to look different and gorgeous. The eyeliner provides a professional look and is been designed for professional makeup artist. This is really easy to use and provide your eyes a new touch of elegance.

Direction for use

The long cap of the eyeliner bottle makes it really easy to apply the liner on the eyelids. You just need to dip the stick in the bottle and apply directly in any style. The thin brush makes it possible to draw out really thin strokes also.

Shelf life

2 years

VOV hi tech eyeliner
VOV hi tech eyeliner


Rupees 60 only. I love the pricing.


The VOV Hi tech  eyeliner comes in a really nice, trendy and smart packaging. The long cylindrical cap of the liner is been made to make it easy for the person to apply it easily. The quantity in the bottle is also enough to use for about 3 months.


The texture of the VOV hi tech eyeliner is really smooth and easy to apply. The black color eyeliner retains for long and provides a jet black color to my eyes.

VOV hi tech eyeliner
VOV hi tech eyeliner

Key ingredients

Not mentioned.

Pros of VOV hi tech  eyeliner

  • The VOV high-tech eyeliner is really very affordable.
  • Costs just rupees 60
  • The eyeliner is really easy to apply because of the elongated cap.
  • Dries quickly upon the eyelids so there is no need to get impatient.
  • Provides a jet black color.
  • Easy to make any style on my eyelids and stroke in any direction due to the thin brush
  • It is not glossy it is mate eyeliner
  • Easy to carry
  • Easily available even at good branded stores

Cons of VOV hi tech eyeliner

  • This is not a waterproof one.
  • Also contains a chemical like smell while application.
VOV hi tech eyeliner
VOV hi tech eyeliner

My experience with VOV hi tech  eyeliner

I was introduced with this product the last year when I badly needed the one and did not had any time to go to a branded store. Well after that day this eyeliner is my 3rd buy! So therefore you can judge that how good it is. Just because of its cheap and affordable pricing I buy it every second month when the earlier one ends up with the quantity. Moreover, the eyeliner retains well on the eyelid for long time and does not fade away. I sometimes use this eyeliner to do with my nail art ;).

There is one thing which I found a bit annoying about this product was that it produces some kind of chemical like smell after application. But it didn’t create any problem to my skin.



Whether I would recommend this product again?

Yes, you must buy at least one as it isn’t so expensive. Have your own experience with this product. 🙂