Yardley Elegance Deodorizing Talc Reviews

Yardley Elegance Deodorizing Talc Reviews

Yardley Elegance Deodorizing Talc Reviews

Heya ladies…!!!

Summers are approaching and I have started to stock up on summer essentials. I find summers to be too tough for me to bare. I can tolerate negative 15 degree Celsius but not 40 degree Celsius during summers. I prefer to stay indoors during the daytime. I find the days too dry and dull to go out in during summers.

Anyways, getting back to today’s review, I’m reviewing a summer essential product, talc from Yardley. Talcum powder or talc basically absorbs sweat and keeps skin dry and fresh. Talc also reduces the friction hence saving us from rashes. Due to heat in summer, using talc is a must for me. Read on to know how Yardley Elegance deodorizing talc performed for me.

Yardley Elegance Deodorizing Talc
Yardley Elegance Deodorizing Talc

Product description:

Use this talc on your body round the year for an elegant stride and for fresh feeling synonymous with Yardley.

Comes with special deo factor to prevent body odour.

  • Available in 6 fragrances
  • Made out of best quality talc
  • Rotating cap that makes dispersion easy
  • Tin containers for longer and better retention of fragrance

Price and quantity:

INR 75 for 200 g

Shelf life:

3 years

Yardley Elegance Deodorizing Talc
Yardley Elegance Deodorizing Talc


Super fine talc, Magnesium Carbonate, Calcium Carbonate, Dipropylene Glycol, Fragrance, Calcium Silicate, Triclosan (deo factor)


Yardley Elegance talc comes in a black colored tin with a twist cap like in most talc powder packaging. The tin packaging is classy and unique. The twister is to be rotated just a little and the holes will get opened. It makes sprinkling even and easy. Information is printed at the back of the tin and the bottom too. The tin container is sleek but huge which makes it inconvenient for travelling. But there are smaller versions of 50 gm and 100 gm available in the market.


The powder is silky soft and fine. I sprinkle it as often as needed, especially after bath. The room smells wonderful for a few minutes after using it. It doesn’t make my skin look whitish or artificially powered. It blends well with the skin leaving skin feel softer.

Yardley Elegance Deodorizing Talc
Yardley Elegance Deodorizing Talc

Pros of Yardley Elegance Deodorizing talc:

  • Fine, smooth powder
  • Smells heavenly
  • Nice tin container packaging
  • Absorbs sweat
  • Long lasting
  • Makes skin feel softer and smoother
  • Inexpensive
  • Long shelf life
  • Can be used by both the genders
  • Easily available
  • Amazing quantity
  • Can be used instead of deo

Cons of Yardley Elegance Deodorizing talc:

  • The tin container is huge enough to be carried for travelling
  • The musky smell can be a con to few

My experience with Yardley Elegance deodorizing talc:

Elegance has fresh musky notes. Although I’m much of a sweet smell lover, I do like this fragrance. It’s quite refreshing and long lasting. Though the smell isn’t overpowering, the talc is scented enough to not need a deodorant. We all know the drawbacks of using deodorants, so I feel talc like such are a good substitute.

I don’t apply this talc on my face though, but for the rest of the body it works great for me. The smell stays on for around 2 hours after which its intensity starts reducing but doesn’t go away completely. I have also observed lesser sweat on my body after its application.

Yardley Elegance Deodorizing Talc
Yardley Elegance Deodorizing Talc


I will rate these 9 out of 10

Would I recommend Yardley Elegance deodorizing talc?

Yes, I would want to try lavender and rose variants. And for this price, I would say it’s a nice talcum power to try. So all you beautiful ladies go and stock up on this summer essential.