yogurt facepack for a glowing skin

yogurt facepack for a glowing skin

Minutes to get brighten up- Besan-turmeric -yogurt face pack for a glowing skin

Hello beauties,

I’m again on with another blog. This time I won’t be concentrating on a product review but on a DIY. I don’t visit beauty parlors very often as I generally like to stick on some home remedies that are not only beneficial for my skin but also friendly to my budget. The products I use can be used throughout the year as they don’t usually harm the skin. Me, having an excessive oily skin know the pain of having it as I cannot put on a makeup for a long, it gets oiled away : (. If I put on kajal, it gets smudged off. I also sweat a lot, so sometimes it gets me black patches on neck and shoulder. I had a pimple once on my left cheek about 2 years back, but still I was worried about it as it left some embarrassing black mark on my cheek that I wanted to get rid of. I tried various anti-marks cream but it didn’t at all work. I almost lost hope that this mark is going to be my lifetime-companion. I went through some bleaching elements as well but I ended up having more pimples, finding out harsh bleaches are not at all made for me. Then my neighboring aunty suggested me to apply BESAN on my skin. Besan or gram flour is an easily available kitchen element. I had heard about its skin friendly features but never tried it, so I thought of giving it a try. I started trying on a home remedy using Gram Flour as its base, accompanying unsweetened yogurt and turmeric.

yogurt facepack for a glowing skin
yogurt facepack for a glowing skin

Adding rose water into it would also be good but as I wasn’t having it at that moment, I went on without it.

Directions: I used Gram Flour as its base. Gram Flour or besan is nothing but a powdered dust made of chickpea. The making of this facepack can be sequenced as following:

yogurt facepack for a glowing skin
yogurt facepack for a glowing skin
  • Take some Besan in a bowl, depending on the area you want to apply this pack.
  • Add some unsweetened curd to it. Don’t take too much in quantity as it’ll get runny.
  • Add a pinch of turmeric powder, best if homemade turmeric can be used.
  • You can add half teaspoon of honey if you wish.
  • You can even improvise this pack adding a few drops of lemon juice to it. I avoided it as I’m allergic to harsh citrus.
  • Mix them altogether to make a smooth paste, apply it on your face, neck, elbow(if you have problem of darkened elbow).
  • Let it dry for 12-15 minutes.
  • Wash off.

    yogurt face pack for a glowing skin
    yogurt face pack for a glowing skin

You can follow this application with a toner and a moisturizer to avoid drying up your skin. Apply this method twice or thrice a week.

Why is the pack so beneficial:

This face pack is having some effective ingredients and is 100% natural. Each ingredient has their own goodness that benefits the skin.

Besan: It is not only a kitchen favorite ingredient that nurtures our taste buds but also benefits the skin. It has natural property that fights with pimples, lightens up skin tone, removes tan and excess oil from the epidermis and you what the best part is ?? Besan is suitable for all skin types. So no matter if you’re having a dry, oily, normal or acne-prone skin; you can always go for it.

Yogurt: It is another tummy-friendly ingredient that is not only tickles up our taste buds but also is quite beneficial for our skin. It has various natural organic-inorganic substances such as Zinc, Lactic acid, Calcium, Vitamin B-complex. All these ingredients altogether makes it a wholesome food for skin, hair and also the digestive system. You can not only consume it as a food but also on face packs. Adding it on a face pack makes the blend fruitful for a healthy and glowing wrinkle-free skin. It also works as mild bleach that doesn’t harm my skin.

Turmeric: Turmeric or HALDI is a must have spice in all Indian kitchens. It has a basic anti-bacterial formula that frees our daily consumption’s from bacterial attack and also fight against the germs that tend to attack our digestive system. But apart from that, turmeric also works miraculously on skin.

  • It’s anti-inflammatory properties protects the skin against inflammation, blemishes and also lightens up skin tone.
  • It has natural anti-bacterial and anti-fungal property that helps reducing acne.
  • It also has anti-aging formula that makes your skin look younger and more vibrant.

Honey is a natural moisturizer that softens the skin, so dry skin holders must use honey along with this face pack. And lime juice has always known for its natural bleaching property that brightens up skin complexion.

So beauties, no matter whether you’re having any of those skin problems or not. You can always go for this face pack as it can be a beauty’s beauty-secret. Trust me, you’ll feel like staring at you mirror image for long.