Zara Rose EDT Review

Zara Rose EDT Review

Zara Rose EDT Review

Hello everybody!

How are you doing today? Hope your day has been fine so far. Recently I have had this intense liking for all things red. Yes, red lipsticks have always been my thing but I am not talking about lipsticks here in this post. What else do you remember when I say the color red? Love or danger? Red reminds me of roses. Rose is the symbol of love and to me its smell is heavenly. Today’s post is about a perfume from Zara. Yesterday I bought Kama Ayurveda Pure Rose Water after reading its amazing review by Ria.

Rose is a symbol of love and this fragrance is nothing less than romantic. It’s crisp and fresh and has awesome notes. With cedar and musk in base notes this fragrance from Zara got my heart dancing. I wish I had come across this one long before. But anyways ‘Better late than never’. I am sure to wear this fragrance every day. Read on to know what else do I like about this fragrance.

Zara Rose EDT
Zara Rose EDT

Product description:

The little glass bottle contains fragrance of English rose which is smooth, light and romantic. It is an instant mod lifter and will keep you smelling it for long hours.

Product price and quantity:

Rs 590/- for 30 ml

Zara Rose EDT
Zara Rose EDT

Shelf life:

26 months


The perfume bottle comes in a pretty pink cardboard box that has rose texture on it. the packaging is very pretty and the bottle is a transparent one with minimal writing on it and has the brand name embossed on its cap.

Zara Rose EDT
Zara Rose EDT


The texture is like in any other fragrance. It’s a very mild pink colored liquid stored in the glass bottle. It smells of rose and the smell sustains for a decent long time.

Key ingredients:

Refer the picture below.

Zara Rose EDT
Zara Rose EDT

Pros of Zara Rose EDT:

  • Has a pleasant, light and romantic fragrance
  • Best for everyday wear
  • Inexpensive
  • Easily available at Zara stores
  • Beautiful packaging
  • Small bottle that can be carried in handbag without weighing heavy or occupying a lot of space
  • Doesn’t stain clothes
  • Awesome cedar and musk in base notes
  • Long lasting

Cons of Zara Rose EDT:

  • Not available anywhere else except for Zara stores.
  • The notes are floral and mild and some of you many not like mild fragrances

My experience with Zara Rose EDT:

When it comes to fragrance, I love sweet, mild and smooth fragrances and Zara Rose EDT is exactly what I like. With a hint of musk, Zara rose captured my heart since the first time I sniffed its smell. The smell is very feminine and will prove to be a safe pick in case you are looking for an everyday wear perfume at good economical price tag.

The smell lingers around for a very long time keeping you feeling fresh all day long. I apply it on the pulse points after rubbing a little Vaseline there so that the fragrance sustains even longer. Well the fragrance is light and so won’t go well for a party or occasion but otherwise it makes a great buy for regular use. There are 2 quantity options available but this small one is travel friendly and convenient.


I will rate it 9 out of 10

Will I recommend this rose water again?

Yes I highly recommend this perfume to everybody. It’s pure treat to the nose and instant mood lifter.  Whether a movie or a day out, this fragrance will never leave you unnoticed. So ladies go and grab your bottle of roses.